Davis Avellar

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Davis Avellar
Character Profile
Born 2656
Affiliation House Avellar
Profession President
Siblings Heather Avellar
Children Beatrice Avellar

Davis Avellar was a 27th century ruler of the Outworlds Alliance.


Early Life[edit]

The grandson of the colourless Adolfo Avellar Davis immediately made an impression on the Outworlds Alliance, unfortunately it was a bad one. In a successful bid to encourage immigration, he instituted tax breaks for immigrants, alienating Alliance natives. Rather than persist, Davis repealed his own legislation, winning support. From that point he was careful to avoid controversy.

Davis decided to stand down as President upon being diagnosed with heart disease. As his daughter Beatrice was only fifteen years old, Davis' sister Heather Avellar led a regency government for the next three years.