Davis Riley

Davis Riley
Character Profile
Affiliation Clan Mongoose
Rank Khan

Davis Riley was the Khan of Clan Mongoose who ordered the unprovoked assault on Clan Star Adder colony worlds that started in 2844. These attacks would spawn the massacre of the entire population of the Star Adder colony on Marshall.[1]


Offenses and Omens[edit]

Clan Star Adder's Khans reacted immediately to the news of the killing of tens of thousands of their colonists. Star Adder saKhan Dembe N'Buta and the elite Quasar Keshik then set out to track the unit responsible, a short chase leading to the Mongoose colony world of Tokasha. Once there, they hunted down every warrior from the officers down to the lowliest MechWarriors. Adder saKhan N'Buta would execute every officer. The delivery of Star Colonel Miguel Riley's decapitated corpse to Mongoose Khan Davis Riley served as notice regarding the state of affairs on Tokasha. To the body of his dead trothkin was pinned a short and chilling note. The note informed Khan Riley that this grisly offering was his surkairede, and that the actions of his warriors would not be forgotten by the Star Adders.[1]


The implied threat only seemed to reinforce the Mongoose hate of Clan Star Adder. The Mongooses would continue their war on the Adders, as well as wars with several other Clans, until their Absorption by Clan Smoke Jaguar in 2868.[2]

Ultimately, as was the fate of all the Clan Mongoose warriors, their eventual conquerors would reject their legacies, letting their bloodlines die, one and all. If the Riley genetic legacy was not an aerospace fighter pilot line - many of whose legacies were in fact saved by the Cloud Cobras later on[3] - his legacy likely disappeared long ago while in the keeping of the Smoke Jaguars.


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