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Davis Wan

Davis Wan
AffiliationCapellan Confederation
RankLance Sergeant

Davis Wan was a Mechwarrior in the Capellan Confederation's Kingston's Legionnaires.[1]


One half of a set of twins who piloted identical Blackjacks, Wan was still angered by the death of his brother at the hands of Fifth Syrtis Fusiliers Leftenant Alison Young. Swearing a blood feud to reclaim his brother's 'Mech, and to avenge his death by cutting Young's heart out. Swapping the left arms of the 'Mechs long ago, so he and his brother knew where the other was, Wan hoped to exploit this superstition when he and Young were finally brought together. To facilitate this, he painted the left arm of his Blackjack in the Syrtis Fusiliers' colors.[1]


Davis Wan piloted a Blackjack BattleMech.[1]


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