Death's Consorts

Deaths Consorts emblem.jpg
Death's Consorts
Formed 3064
Affiliation Pirate
Parent Command Independent

The Death's Consorts were a late thirty-first century pirate band formed by the century's most notorious pirate, "Lady Death" Paula Trevaline.



In 3064, Lady Death Paula Trevaline broke free of the FedCom prison in which she had been incarcerated for the previous 22 years. She went to the world of Verdigreis, where she put out word that she was free and she was looking to recruit able-bodied pirates for her band. Thousands responded, but only a few were selected by Trevaline. Only the most elite and skilled would do for her new pirate band. At Verdigreis, she acquired an Invader Class JumpShip and a DropShip prior to departing for a resupply raid.

Her band's first victim was Althea's Choice, where she gained control of a second DropShip among the supplies she needed. During the raid, she encountered a renegade Clan Smoke Jaguar MechWarrior named Jaxon, who was aboard the DropShip she was pirating. After verbal exchanges, he challenged her to a duel during which he lost his eye to her bullwhip. He conceded and joined her Consorts.[1]

In 3066 they lost a Union-class DropShip in the New Port Royal system.[2]

Pirates Haven Star Cluster[edit]

The Consorts arrived in Haven Star Cluster, where they transition through the rigorous unstable orbits or the rocks of the system to the only inhabitable planet in the system. There the Consorts landed their forces on planet and Lady Death challenged its ruler, "Bloody" James Kaiten for rulership of the planet. After quickly dispatching him, Trevaline and her band took over the system.

The Jihad[edit]

During the Jihad, the Death's Consorts were one of a number of pirate bands to operate under Letters of Marque issued by the short-lived Malagrotta Cooperative. After several months of acting as privateers, a violent "change in management" on 22 October, 3075 saw one of the Consorts' officers, Gary Tiqualme emerge as the new leader of the pirate band. Tiqualme and the Consorts turned on the Cooperative, with Tiqualme declaring himself the Cooperative's new ruler, and by the 25th of October Tiqualme had completed his coup on Malagrotta. However, that same day the Remagen Crucis March Militia destroyed a base on June suspected of being an operating base for the Consorts.[3][4]

Direct conflict between the Malagrotta Cooperative and the Federated Suns began on the 7th of March 3076, when the Remagen CrMM attacked the Cooperative world of Gronholt, shattering the defenders - defenders who included elements of the Consorts. The few surviving pirates retreated to Great Gorge, leaving Gronholt in the hands of the Federated Suns.[5][6]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Death's Consorts
Lady Death Paula Trevaline 3064 - 3075[7]
Commanding Officers of Tiqualme's Consorts
Gary Tiqualme 3075[3][4]


Death's Consorts have never revealed what tactics they employ.

Composition History[edit]


  • Death's Consorts (2 Veteran BattleMech Battalions)
    • 1st Battalion - Jaxon
    • 2nd Battalion - Gary "Teak" Tiqualme
  • Winged Death (3 Elite Aerospace Flights)
    • 1st Flight / The Scythes
    • 2nd Flight / Ruby Skulls
    • 3rd Flight - Unit Consists of Assault Shuttles


Game Notes[edit]

When using scenario special rules, the Death's Consorts may choose one of the following Force Specific Rules for their use; Overrun Combat, Off-Map Movement, and Forcing the Initiative.

When using the MW3/CBT RPG rules, all player characters using characters affiliated with Death's Consorts must have a Bad Reputation trait to them.[8]


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