Death's Head Mercenary Corps

Death's Head Mercenary Corps
Formed 3064
Affiliation Mercenary
Parent Command Independent

A short-lived mercenary unit that was crushed during their first combat mission in 3064, the Death's Head Mercenary Corps fought on Halfway in May 3064.


At some point in or just before May 3064 MechWarrior Mackie Smythe secured a mercenary contract for a supposedly easy battle from a friend within ComStar even before having registered his fledgling mercenary unit. He hoped to impress the Federated Commonwealth enough to obtain a better contract and take on more recruits to grow the unit.[1]

However, during the first day of battle against local militia the unit already suffered heavy losses, and on 12 May Smythe's custom-fitted Cataphract—described as the unit's "flagship" 'Mech—was downed by a double PPC blast to the chest and head (implicitly killing Smythe), leaving Pwyll Lankarr the unit's ranking officer. The falling 'Mech crushed the unit's Lightning hovercar. It was noted that the Death's Head Mercenary Corps ceased to exist as a functioning unit then, though Lankarr managed to rally some survivors and keep them in the fight.[1]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Death's Head Mercenary Corps
Mackie Smythe 3064[1]
Captain Pwyll Lankarr 3064 - 3066[1][2]



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