Death From Above

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Death from Above (DFA) is a maneuver in which the attacking 'Mech engages its jump jets to jump and then land (drop) on its target.


Although the exact rules differ depending on the overall ruleset, Death from Above is invariably a risky and difficult maneuver that inflicts a great deal of damage to the target but usually also some damage to the attacker. It cannot be performed by 'Mechs without jump jets. Many MechWarriors consider this tactic reckless, but admit it gives a strong advantage to BattleMechs equipped with jump jets.[1]


When performed by a Highlander BattleMech, this attack is sometimes referred to as a "Highlander Burial", because a light 'Mech is crushed and literally buried into the earth by the Highlander’s impact.[2] In fact, the BattleMech was redesigned specially to perform it.[3][4] The Northwind Highlanders were specialized in this type of attack.

During the Dark Age, Clan Jade Falcon's followers of the Mongol Doctrine chose DFA as one of their main tactics. For the conquest of Terra, Clan Wolf created an OmniMech, the Amarok, with a defense system specifically designed to counter and deflect DFA attacks.[5]

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