Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Essex


The Deathblow was an Essex-class WarShip which, in 3062, was a part of the Com Guard Second Independent Squadron, was deployed in the Draconis Combine in 3061, and then the St. Ives Compact in 3062, where it operated in conjunction with SLDF peacekeeping forces.[1] The CSS Deathblow remained in service with ComStar as of 3067,[2] but was subsequently deployed on the abortive Case White attack on Terra in March 3068[3] where it was reported by the CSV Blake's Strength that the Deathblow had suffered an internal explosion as a result of sabotage.[4]

The Deathblow was lost during Case White, but while the Word of Blake failed to completely salvage the ship,[5] the Deathblow had been returned to a partially operational state in time to defend the Titan Yards in the Sol system from Task Force CRONUS during the campaign to liberate Terra, Operation SCOUR.[6]


The partial repair of the Deathblow in time for Operation SCOUR was confirmed by one of the BattleTech Developers:[6]

The Deathblow was part of the ComGuard fleet. It was lost at Terra during Case White, and was later salvaged enough that it was partially operational in time for the Coalition attack on Terra along with (IIRC) two other ComGuard vessels, the Manchester and the Narbonne. (I had forgotten we did that, sorry).
  — Øystein Tvedten, BattleTech Developer, 18 Jan 2013


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