Deener Vickers

Deener Vickers
Died August 3059
Affiliation Clan Wolf
Clan Wolf-in-Exile
Profession Star Colonel

Deener Vickers was the commanding officer of the newly formed Second Wolf Legion.[1]


Early Career[edit]

In 3052 the young MechWarrior Deener would serve in the Command Trinary of Thirty-Seventh Striker Cluster under the infamous Star Colonel Marcos Radick.[2]

Refusal War and A New Command[edit]

The Thirty-Seventh Striker Cluster would effectively cease to exist as a unit during the Refusal War, with ComStar intelligence indicating the infamous Marcos Radick, to have died in that conflict. In the war's aftermath, several survivors from the Thirty-seventh apparently made their way to Clan Wolf-in-Exile. A few remaining Warden warriors from the 341st and 352nd Assault Clusters joined up with survivors of the Cluster and were integrated in order to rebuild it. [3]

The reforming Cluster was itself reformed in late 3058 into the Second Wolf Legion as the exiled-Wolves reorganised their forces, with most of the Second's officer corps coming from the old Thirty-seventh Striker.[4]


The Cluster was still forming when it was deployed in Operation BULLDOG to Pesht, here it was attacked and almost destroyed during the Smoke Jaguar counter attack in August 3059, during which Star Colonel Deener Vickers was killed.[1]


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