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Deep Spin

Deep Spin was an orbital maintenance yard created by the Department of Mega-Engineering.[1]


Sometime during the reign of the Star League, the Department of Mega-Engineering built the Deep Spin maintenance yard at the nadir jump point in the Linden system. This station served as the supply and repair hub for many Star League Defense Force vessels as well as other DoME ships, including terraforming vessels. As Linden was located within the furthest reaches of the Outworlds Alliance, Deep Spin was vital to keeping the SLDF ships operable. Few Alliance worlds could meet the needs of the fleets operating so far away from the Terran Hegemony.[2]

As Linden disappeared from the maps after the fall of the Star League, it is assumed that the station was abandoned prior to, or during, the First Succession War.

Its current status is unknown.


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