Delphi Curse

Delphi Curse was a family of aggressive, contagious and adaptive viruses, epidemic to the worlds of the New Delphi Compact, which was highly resistant to treatment.[1]


Spread via the New Delphian Lizarat, a six-legged creature native to New Delphi which was slightly larger than an ordinary Terran rat[2], the disease was almost impossible to develop a vaccine for.

Based on information reported by the local Delphian Virus Research and Immunization Institute (VRII), the morality rate for non-Delphians from the infection was 80%-90%, with natives with a developed immunity still having a 10% fatality rate. For non-native survivors, 75% have a weakened immune system long term, with only 5% fully recovering. Based on VRII information, some Inner Sphere Doctors have estimated the Delphi Curse could wipe out the population an average world not previously exposed within 5 weeks, with its mutation being so fast that any vaccine developed would be useless within 6 months.[1]

The Delphian authorities used the Curse as a reason why visitors should not land on their worlds, including those onboard an Interstellar Expeditions JumpShip the IES Marco Polo in 3090 under the command of Captain Bannon Jacobi, leading some to speculate they may be exaggerating its severity in order to discourage outsiders from interfering in their society.[3]


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