Delta Aimag (Spina Khanate)

Delta Aimag
Affiliation Clan Sea Fox
Parent Command Spina Khanate


Sha Clarke Incident[edit]

In June 3134, Aimag was deployed June 15th, Adhafera in Republic of the Sphere's Prefecture VIII where its ovKhan Kalasa had information regarding planet's untapped resources and isolation since HPG Network collapsed.

While on Adhafera, Delta Aimag fought against Beta Aimag in a Ritual of Combat. Where the Aimag had bested the Beta bested them three years before, they losing the trials to them and their ovKhan was badly injured during the fight against ovKhan Sha Clarke's BattleMech.[1]

In late September, Delta's command ship, the Voidswimmer, nearly collided with Khanate Spina flagship, Poseidon. However, the ship was immediately Jump out of the Adhafera system to search for Khan Hawker, protect him from ovKhan Sha Clarke discover conspiracy to have the Khan killed, and sunder Spina Khanate from the rest of the Clan.

Clan Protectorate[edit]

In October 3136, Delta Aimag was contacted by Spirit Cats Expedition commander, Star Colonel Rikkard from transport to Marik-Stewart Commonwealth world of Marik. Delta's command ship, Voidswimmer maintained contact with the Spirit Cats expedition to claim the world as a safe haven for the sub-Clan.

In April 3137, Rikkard contacted Delta Aimag's commander ovKhan Petr Kalasa and cuts deal to share the planet between the two Clans. Delta deployed military forces to secure the planet.[2] Making way for Marik to become a new-colony for the Sea Foxes. Reconstruction is done with the efforts Delta personnel and the Spirit Cat enclave.

In the following year on 28 April 3138 - At urging of Lady Julietta, Delta and the Spirit Cats act on request of Oriente Protectorate's Captain-General Jessica Marik to garrison nearby worlds. However, Lady Julietta offer more honorable solution of feeling like being used as mercenaries. Under direction of Lady Julietta, Delta and the Spirit Cats helped form a new political nation known as the Clan Protectorate. This created new trade markets which Delta would be handling Clan Protectorate member's worlds economic output.

Delta Aimag participated in Operation Homecoming on 21–24 April 3139. Delta's command ship, the Voidswimmer, provided aerospace protection for coalition forces. While on Atreus, elements of Delta engaged the Regulan ground forces.[3] On the 24th, Regulan fleet arrived bring reinforcements to their besieged forces on Atreus. Voidswimmer's firepower was used to convince the Regulans to withdraw from system.[4]

Delta's leader, ovKhan Kalasa journeyed back to Atreus with his Protectorate allies to witness the installation of the Free Worlds League's Captain-General Jessica Marik. Marking Delta's and the Clan's influence in the new League's affairs.


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Delta Aimag (Spina Khanate)
ovKhan Petr Kalasa 3134[5]
ovKhan Fergus Sennet 3139 - 3152[5][6]



Composition & Assets[edit]

The Delta Aimag consists of a number of JumpShips, DropShips, enclaves, and trading arrangements which is directly controlled by the Aimag itself.


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