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Delta Galaxy (Clan Coyote)

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Delta Galaxy
Disbanded 3074 (destroyed)
Nickname Heart of the Coyote
Affiliation Clan Coyote
Parent Command Clan Coyote Touman


Like most of the Coyote touman Delta Galaxy had been understrength for a number of years prior to Khan Sullivan Koga merging Beta Galaxy with Delta in December of 3054, a move that provoked protests from the ranks.[1]

In the wake of Operations BULLDOG and SERPENT which destroyed Clan Smoke Jaguar, Delta Galaxy was dropped on Londerholm to take the former Smoke Jaguar enclave in 3060. Six months into the campaign, Delta remains engaged with the Ice Hellions who are the other residents of the planet.[1]

Galaxy Commander Kozyrev was found dead of a heart attack in her quarters in late 3062. The resulting Trials of Position between the Star Colonels who commanded Delta Galaxy's Clusters led to a great deal of confusion. As the Trials continued, Clan Ice Hellion sought to take advantage of the situation and attacked Delta Galaxy in early 3063, hoping to push them off Londerholm. Star Colonel Tamzarian rapidly defeated the other challengers and crushed the Ice Hellion attack.[2]

On Glory, in May 3071 the Steel Vipers' Gamma Galaxy dropped onto Delta Galaxy as they were taking possession of the enclave in a deal with Clan Wolf. Galaxy Commander Armin Tamzarian positioned his Clusters between the Vipers and retreating Wolves, allowing them to withdraw from the planet.[3]

The Society Revolt[edit]

Delta was one of six Coyote Galaxies to join the Society revolt.[4] In January 3072 Delta and Epsilon Galaxy launched a devastating assault from the Coyote enclave on Babylon against the holdings of Clan Ice Hellion, Clan Diamond Shark and Clan Cloud Cobra. The two Stars of defending Hellions were cut down to a warrior. The Diamond Shark Alpha Galaxy put up the stiffest resistance. The Sharks eventually withdrew but not before their 39th Strike Cluster had been destroyed.[5]

The Galaxy moved to Foster and laid siege to the Clan Goliath Scorpion enclave there. Although the defenders had long been destroyed Delta seemed happy to slowly devastate the industrial areas with long range artillery barrages from positions on the hills overlooking the area. In March 3073 Scorpion Loremaster Kyrie Ben-Shimon dropped her Galaxy on to the planet and led a flanking charge of Delta, quickly overrunning one artillery position. An air strike from the Sixty-seventh Assault Cluster blunted the Scorpion attack destroying the Sixteenth Scorpion Dragoons as the Coyotes retreated. The Sixty-seventh then turned and counterattacked the Scorpions. When the Ninth and Thirty-fourth Strike Clusters arrived the Scorpion's Gamma Galaxy was crushed. By June 3073 Delta had pulled off planet.[6]

In August 3073 Delta along with Epsilon and Rho Galaxies arrived in the Vinton system. A short naval engagement followed against the defending Diamond Shark fleet. The Coyotes transmitted a "Network Virus" that disabled the Shark SDS. The Coyote Galaxies dropped onto the planet accompanied by three Clusters of Society troops. The Shark's Fifteen Cruiser Cluster's Attack Squadron strafed the Coyote DropShips as they came in to land, prompting to Coyote naval assets to bombard the planet. The Sharks threw everything they had against the invaders including ten of the newly raised Vinton Defense Clusters. The Ninety-fifth Strike Cluster was destroyed in the fighting which drew on for many months. In January 3074 the Shark launched a counterattack at Pearl City devastating the 58th Battle Cluster, the 49th Battle Cluster and much of Epsilon's Silver Keshik. Although none of the Shark warriors of this attack survived the Clan continued to resist the Coyote advance, however by March 3074 the Coyotes had won the war of attrition and captured every major city. The Coyotes stripped the planet of valuable material and bombarded what was left when they withdrew in July 3074.[7]

In December 3074 the Steel Vipers launched a massive assault against Clan Coyote on Tamaron with six Galaxies and a large naval force. Delta Galaxy was part of the Coyote defending force. The Viper WarShips opened up holes in the Coyote SDS allowing the DropShips a path through. The Vipers Alpha Galaxy led the way but it wasn't long until all six Galaxies had made planetfall despite the fierce aerospace attacks. After a week fighting the Vipers finally forced the remnant of the Coyote navy to flee. The ground forces made for their objectives, several major factory complexes in the Apache Mountains. The fighting to defend these saw both Epsilon and Lambda Galaxies destroyed. The Vipers then moved against the Coyote capital city of San Mateo. By 16th December the Vipers had the city surrounded and most of Delta had been destroyed alongside Rho Galaxy.[8]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Delta Galaxy
Galaxy Commander Natron Kozyrev 3047 - 3061[1]
Galaxy Commander Armin Tamzarian During the Ice Hellion assault on Londerholm in 3063 - 3071[9][2][3]


Due to their large numbers of heavy and assault OmniMechs, Delta engages an enemy with a picket line and overwhelms them with reserves when a weakness develops.[1]



Delta Galaxy[1][9]


Delta may set aside a reserve at the start of combat, gaining a bonus to initiative based on the number of units set in the reserve. If 25% are set aside the bonus is +2, with +4 for 50%. If the reserve is activated the bonus is lost. If attacked the reserve may return fire and fight as normal in the following turns and the bonus is retained.[10]


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