Delta Galaxy (Clan Nova Cat)

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Delta Galaxy
Unit Profile (as of 3067)
Nickname Ways of Seeing
Parent Formation Clan Nova Cat Touman


In 2868, a Star of light 'Mechs from Delta was defeated by two Stars of the new Elemental Battle Armor fielded by Clan Wolf in a Trial of Possession.[1]

Operation Revival[edit]

During Operation Revival Delta Galaxy along with Alpha and Beta Galaxies were Clan Nova Cat's contribution to the invasion of the Inner Sphere when the Clan was activated to bolster Clan Smoke Jaguar's invasion corridor.[1]

Establishing Holdings[edit]

The Smoke Jaguars ceded six worlds to the Nova cats before the Fifth Wave, most of which had proven difficult to pacify. Delta Galaxy units fought on the following worlds:[2]

Wave Five[edit]

Delta Galaxy fought on the following worlds during the Fifth Wave:[3]

The Nova Cats had taken roughly sixty percent casualties during the Battle of Luthien. With stretched supply lines the Clan found it difficult to rebuild damaged clusters. Assets from Delta were reassigned after January 3052 to bolster Alpha and Beta Galaxies and Delta took no further part in the Invasion.[4]


During the Combine-Ghost Bear War, Delta Galaxy was on Tukayyid conducting wargames against ComStar's Invader Galaxy. Delta Galaxy assaulted Nox, Altenmarkt, Maule, Skandia, and Halesowen in 3063. They faced off against the 304th Assault Cluster on Maule. Delta Galaxy was freed from zellbrigen by the Bear's actions on Yamarovka, and the Nova Cats took or destroyed two Trinaries of Ghost Bears.[5]

The Jihad[edit]

Delta Galaxy saw action early in Operation SCOUR, serving on the Federated Suns front as a part of Group III. Group III attacked Tybalt in early 3077, when it was targeted in the first wave of assaults made by the allied coalition forces that made up the Federated Suns front of Operation SCOUR. Following the liberation of Tybalt, the local citizenry found itself in the unusual position of throwing a victory parade that, for the first time in the history of Tybalt, honored a unit from the Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery;[6] serving in Group III alongside Delta Galaxy were the 5th Lyran Guards and the 17th Benjamin Regulars.[7]

As part of Group III the Delta Galaxy took part in the assault on Nanking in late 3077. Arriving in-system at almost the same time as a Capellan attack group, the 5th and the rest of Group III arrived above Nanking a day after the Capellans had landed, only to find that the Capellan forces led by Warrior House Fujita were trapped in their deployment zone, exhausted from the punishing trip in and under fire from the Nanking Protectorate Militia. Group III dropped behind the Militia forces and proceeded to launch an attack that saw Delta Galaxy and the 17th Benjamin Regulars punish the Militia with ranged fire before the 5th Lyran Guards launched a devastating assault that broke the Blakist forces.[7]

Having broken the main Blakist force, Group III found itself being ordered to leave Nanking by House Fujita; when Group III cited the continuing Blakist presence on the planet as a reason to stay, House Fujita nuked the base camp of the 5th Lyran Guards. This prompted Group III to leave Nanking en masse.[7]

Delta Galaxy were still acting as a part of the allied coalition assembled by Devlin Stone when they took part in the assault on Tigress as a part of Operation SCOUR, the campaign to liberate the worlds of the Word of Blake Protectorate. When Capellan guerilla fighters detonated a number of dirty nuclear devices around a major transportation hub on Tigress and in several nearby cities Delta Galaxy suffered massive casualties, as did their opponents from the Tigress Protectorate Militia.[8]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Delta Galaxy
saKhan Karl Devalis 3052 - 3067[1][9][10]


Delta Galaxy is trained for anti-infantry tactics.[1]

Composition History[edit]


Delta Galaxy[11]


Delta Galaxy[9]

  • Shiva Keshik
  • 4th Nova Cat Guards
  • 119th Striker Cluster
  • 274th Battle Cluster


Delta Galaxy[1][10]

  • Shiva Keshik
  • 4th Nova Cat Guards
  • 44th Nova Cat Cavaliers
  • 46th Nova Cat Cavaliers
  • 119th Striker Cluster


Delta Galaxy[12]

  • Shiva Keshik
  • 4th Nova Cat Guards
  • 44th Nova Cat Cavaliers
  • 46th Nova Cat Cavaliers
  • 246th Battle Cluster



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