Demona Aziz

Demona Aziz
Demona Aziz
Word of Blake
Position(s)Precentor Atreus

Demona Aziz was a high-ranking member of ComStar's First Circuit before serving as the effective birth mother to the fanatical Word of Blake.


ComStar Service[edit]

Joining ComStar in her youth, the devoted and fanatical Aziz steadily rose up the ranks, ultimately selected by Primus Myndo Waterly for the important post of Precentor Atreus, placing her in control of all the HPG stations in the Free Worlds League and earning her a seat on the First Circuit. Aziz would prove to be one of Waterly's most ardent supporters on that body, a prominent member of the Primus' cabal.[1]

Following Precentor Martial Anastasius Focht's removal of Myndo Waterly in favor of Sharilar Mori, Aziz refused to acknowledge Focht's claims of discovering the true journal of Jerome Blake to justify his call for the secularization of ComStar. Though the remaining members of the First Circuit accepted Focht's new direction, Aziz defiantly refused.

Word of Blake[edit]

Fleeing Terra with her own personal staff, Aziz traveled to Atreus to meet with Captain-General Thomas Marik, convincing him that the organization he had once served was under attack from within, the Captain-General agreeing to offer sanctuary in the Free Worlds League for herself and any other members of ComStar that shared her beliefs. Aziz then used ROM agents loyal to her to send messages to every HPG station across the Inner Sphere inviting all members who rejected ComStar's new secular direction in favor of the old, to join her in exile in the League.[1][2]

Her message turning the trickle of refugees into a worryingly large flood, the Captain-General organized a meeting with each of the defecting Precentors (who essentially each led an individual faction of the Word of Blake) to determine the best course of action. Despite Aziz's role in founding the Word of Blake, thanks to his friendship with the Captain-General and his more moderate style of leadership, William Blane gained Thomas Marik's open support and thus became the Word of Blake's ad hoc leader and spokesman. Though infuriated that her position as a former member of the First Circuit and initial founder of the Word was usurped by Blane, Aziz could do little but seethe behind a barely civil exterior and bide her time, remaining leader of what would become the radical Toyama Sect.[1][3][4]

Embittered at her reduced stature within the Word and convinced that her personal defiance of Mori and Focht alone created the splinter group, as the Word of Blake settled on Gibson, Aziz would frequently defy Blane's call for limited use of force. At her direction, the Toyama sect and its ultraradical Sixth of June faction financed opposition to the Com Guards as well as launching assassination attempts of major ComStar Precentors on Terra and across the Inner Sphere. Aziz's increasing militancy would also sour her long-standing friendship and romantic relationship with the Blakists' Precentor ROM Alexander Kernoff, as Blane and the other factions looked to exclude her and the Toyama's from the planning for Operation Odysseus.[1][5][6]

Relegated to focusing on the Word's Periphery operations, Aziz and her protégé Cameron St. Jamais, would head up a Sixth of June plan to foment conflict between the Marian Hegemony and the Magistracy of Canopus, intending to bring about a Blakist prophecy foretelling of a Periphery superstate by forcing a merger between a weakened Magistracy and the Taurian Concordat. Unfortunately, thanks to evidence uncovered by the Avanti's Angels mercenary unit, the Magistracy and Capellan Confederation were able to track back the Blakist involvement to Aziz's operational base on Campoleone.[1][7][8]

Death and Legacy[edit]

Demona Aziz was captured in a commando raid by the Capellans' feared Death Commandos, before she was personally executed by Chancellor Sun-Tzu Liao.[7][8]

While largely considered the birth mother of the Word of Blake, Aziz's motivations for doing so are unknown, observers unsure if she simply saw creating it as the best way to retain power in the face of a sure to be hostile Focht and Mori or if she truly believed every word and rant she made in public.[1]

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by Precentor Atreus
Succeeded by


The lies of Focht's ComStar have gone unanswered long enough. The time has come to drive the heretics from the cradle of humanity. Then the purifying light of Blake's True Vision will shine again on Terra, the gleaming gem set at the heart of the Inner Sphere. Then all will know that the true ComStar, the Word of Blake, has returned to guide them through the darkness of ignorance.
  — Precentor Demona Aziz addresses the Word of Blake Militia[9]



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