Derwin (Clan Jade Falcon)

Character Profile
Died 3151
Affiliation Clan Jade Falcon
Profession MechWarrior

Derwin was a Jade Falcon Falconer and fanatic follower of the Mongol Doctrine.


Derwin was a Trueborn MechWarrior of Clan Jade Falcon. Despite being clearly a blind follower of the Mongol Doctrine, probably was deemed too old to join Malvina Hazen's campaign to the Battle of Terra, he stayed training a Binary of cadets, as command officer on the base named Camp Crichell, on planet Kerensky's Vision. Probably resenting being left behind, treated all lower caste members as a tyrant.[1]

On 12 October of 3151, a task force of Tamar Pact, the 1st Tamar Jaegers, led by Colonel Kritsada Sirisopa, arrived, to take the planet and training base, but their main objective was to take bondsmen as many cadets as they can.[2] After the Jaegers landed, Derwin called Sirisopa, and both exchanged insults and threats, before the Falconer agreed to fight a Trial of Possession for the base, the cadets and planet itself, and Derwin assembled all her forces and went to Sirisopa's forces, outside the base.[3]

The Falcons hadn't more than an intact 'Mech: a Marauder IIC and a battered one, which Derwin took for himself. But the rest were simply twelve 'Mechs which limped, showered sparks... they were described as "one step ahead of the junkyard". Outnumbered three to one, and with so much pitiful 'Mechs, they cannot win... but that wasn't Derwin's intention: he simply wanted to take the Jaegers, the cadets, and the base with him to death, nothing more.[4]

It was only thanks to Sirisopa's caution than his real plan was revealed to the Jaegers: Derwin had mobilized civilian caste members and ordered them to take out of the base two old Davy Crockett nuclear missiles, which he will order them to launch... or detonate himself at distance, annihilating anything and anyone within several kilometers of the base. But Sirisopa didn't fall for its trap: he ordered the Jaegers to retreat, giving ground, sending an armored infantry to take the missiles, while jamming all frequencies.[5] Even after knowing than Kritsada had uncovered his plan, Derwin refused to give up: he attacked the Jaeger's leader 'Mech, a Cygnus head-on, as the rest of his trinary engaged the Tamars. Both assault 'Mechs exchanged shots, but Derwin took the most damage.[6]

Sirisopa gave Derwin several opportunities to surrender, but he refused. When the Falconer charged Sirisopa fired all its arsenal over the Marauder, severing his right arm. The lack of key armor allowed a stream of autocannon shells to smash the Falcon's cockpit, killing him instantly.[7]


Derwin's hopes were in vain: the Jaegers' jamming prevented detonation of the nukes. In fact, he and two other solahma Star Commanders were the only Falcons killed in the battle. All other cadets were taken bondsmen by Sirisopa's people, and all were deeply shocked to know what Derwin had attempted to do.[4]


Derwin's 'Mech was a Marauder IIC OmniMech.[8]


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