Desmond Warwick

Desmond Warwick
Affiliation Warwick Stables
Profession Stable Master


Desmond Warwick was born on Quincy in the Federated Commonwealth. He was born a commoner (a man with no class), but his life made him good. Rumors say that Warwick was some kind of merchant who happened to be in the right place at the right time with God-only-knows-what during the first few months of the Clan Invasion. He made a killing, folded his tent, and came to Solaris VII, the game world, just like every other loser, fool, and shark.

He quickly became known as a man without loyalties, except to money and power (to himself). He started Warwick Stables on 3053 modestly, competing only in the secondary circuits until his group of warriors had proven themselves against a variety of opponents. Finally his team become a minor player in the Solaris City circuit, though his team has yet to score any victories against the major stables.

During 3054 and as a preparation for the first Solaris Lance Championship when his path crossed Jeremiah Rose. Desmond Warwick met him and tried to contract him for his team under shady terms (at least from Rose's point of view). Rose rejected him and they did not end in precisely good terms.

Wanting to win the first Solaris Lance Championship, he asked Butrix Scoggins, Warwick's doorman slash butler slash bodyguard to do some dirty work for the Stables. Butrix directly killed Jaryl Whillins, while an accomplice of him tried to kill Badicus O'Shea.[1]

His team lost the match as per the agreement made with Mister Carstairs, of Carstairs Stables, he lost the four 'Mechs used in the final. He had a fifth 'Mechs, so not everything was lost, but it is doubtful he was as happy to buy new ones (even though his humorous hint while speaking with Jeremiah Rose.[citation needed]



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