Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Essex
In service until 2 April 2823 (fatal misjump)


The FWLS Despiser was an Essex-class WarShip in service to the Free Worlds League. In 2820 it supported a raid by elements of the Red Eagles and Clinton's Cutthroats mercenary units against Solaris VII. After the attackers on the groound had finally been driven off, the Despiser conducted an orbital artillery bombardment on the planet with capital missiles, narrowly missing the northern fringes of Solaris City proper but causing considerable damage to suburbs and industrial centers, and killing thousands.[1]

The Despiser reportedly vanished in a fatal misjump on 2 April 2823; that day was subsequently declared a planetary holiday on Solaris VII by the planetary council.[1]


On Solaris: The Reaches the date for the Despiser misjump is stated as 2 April 2903.[2]


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