Detachable Missile Pack


A Detachable Missile Pack (DMP) is a modification available to missile launchers mounted on Battle Armor and Exoskeleton suits. First introduced by the Clans in 2870 on the Elemental suit, the modification allows the launcher to be jettisoned in battle, either automatically once its ammunition stores run dry or at the operator's command. The Inner Sphere managed to create their own DMP adaptation in 3051 following the Clan Invasion, however it is less advanced than the Clan version.[1]


Game Notes[edit]

A battle suit may modify any or all of its missile launchers with a DMP adaptation. Inner Sphere suits with DMP cannot use their jump jets or perform anti-'Mech attacks until their launchers have been jettisoned.[1] Each adaptation adds 10kg to the missile launcher but does not take up a space slot.[2]


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