DiNapoli Industries

DiNapoli Industries
Corporation Profile
Founding Year3110[1]
AffiliationRepublic of the Sphere
Parent CorporationBannson Universal Unlimited
Manufacturing Plant(s)


Founded in 3110 by Angelo DiNapoli, DiNapoli Industries was a Dark Age era manufacturing concern that specialized in the production of AgroMechs, DropShips, and heavy ground transports.[1] Based in the Ankaa system within Prefecture IV of the Republic of the Sphere, the company started as an IndustrialMech producer, debuting with its Opossum SalvageMech.[3] Twenty years after DiNapoli was founded, it had become the largest AgroMech manufacturer in Prefecture IV and the fifth largest within the Republic.[1] It was also the largest employer on Ankaa.[4]

Jacob Bannson, the owner and founder of Bannson Universal Unlimited, attempted to launch a takeover of DiNapoli in September 3131, a move that was staunchly opposed by Angelo DiNapoli, who was still the CEO of DiNapoli Industries. Lobbying extensively in the Republic Senate and through the Senate Trade Subcommittee, DiNapoli opposed the takeover on various grounds including the threat of Bannson Universal Unlimited becoming effectively a monopoly supplier of various items within Prefecture IV.[1]

Bannson's initial takeover attempt was rebuffed, but poor growth in 3131, as well as the cost of expanding DiNapoli's DropShip production lines, saw DiNapoli stock begin falling sharply. When a predicted contract to supply Republic Cartage with 15 new DropShips over five years fell through in early 3132, DiNapoli stock plunged, and Bannson began buying large quantities of stock. DiNapoli attempted to boost sales and clear stock by offering big price breaks on its AgroMechs, but despite good earnings forecast and a prosperous market, DiNapoli shares failed to recover.[1]

Bannson completed his takeover of DiNapoli Industries in June 3132, after stories of the takeover talks saw the stock price of both DiNapoli Industries and Bannson Universal Unlimited rise sharply. Angelo DiNapoli ultimately withdrew his objections to the takeover, and the change in ownership was completed on June 12, in the DiNapoli Industries headquarters in the city of Tantril, on Ankaa.[1]

A week after the sale of DiNapoli Industries, StarCross Starlines signed a contract with DiNapoli to acquire 20 DropShips over a four-year period from DiNapoli for its tourism business, a contract worth in excess of ten billion C-bills, citing confidence in DiNapoli due to the support available from Bannson Enterprises.[5] The DiNapoli sale continued to buoy the Republic's financial markets for at least two weeks afterwards, aided by significantly-improved predicted profit margins.[6]

In July 3132, Bannson laid off 15,000 DiNapoli Industries employees - out of a total of 180,000 workers - primarily from the DiNapoli Industries divisions located on Bharat and Yangtze, citing the cuts as a restructuring of less-profitable divisions and carving the fat and gristle out of the company. The divisions affected were responsible for supplying light machines and mechanical devices for DiNapoli's heavy manufacturing divisions and the cuts were met with outrage from workers and unions, such as the Brotherhood of Sphere Workers, due to the poor severance packages.[2]

The war of words between Bannson and the unions over the DiNapoli Industries job losses continued throughout July 3132, with the Brotherhood of Sphere Workers and the Federated Laborers Organization leading a consortium of eight unions representing the sacked workers in a campaign of protest, to which Bannson responded with press conferences highlighting the unprofitability of the five divisions closed and the efforts by Bannson Enterprises to find new jobs for the workers affected.[7]

Following news of the hijacking of a DropShip belonging to Harambe Manufacturing in the Shinonoi system and the theft of the four BattleMechs it was transporting, Bannson announced on 6 August 3132, that DiNapoli Industries would be restructuring to manufacture BattleMechs and bidding to fulfill the disrupted Harambe Manufacturing contract with the Republic Armed Forces. In reality, however, Bannson would prove unable to manufacture or acquire the fusion engines required for full BattleMech production until at least 3134.[8][9]

In late December 3132, the Steel Wolves landed on Ankaa,[10] looking to secure the DiNapoli Industries DropShip manufacturing facilities near the city of Anqabad. Given Bannson's treatment of the DiNapoli workers, the arrival of Kal Radick and his forces was initially the subject of optimism in hopes that the Steel Wolves would prove better masters. Shortly after the arrival of the Steel Wolves, forces from the Swordsworn landed and began attacking the Steel Wolves forces in Anqabad, with the resulting battle killing hundreds of civilians and injuring thousands more over the course of several hours, despite calls from Legate Anton Judae for the fighting to end for the sake of the local population. Despite rumors of the RAF having a Knight and a Knight-Errant on Ankaa, Governor Allan Slowinske failed to oppose the invading forces.[11] Despite the Swordsworn's efforts, the Steel Wolves retained control of the DropShip manufacturing facilities.[12]


DiNapoli Industries had a major manufacturing complex on Ankaa[1] and manufacturing divisions on Bharat and Yangtze.[2]


Components produced on Ankaa:[3][13][14]
Component Type
WLD-1 Demeter AgroMech[13] IndustrialMech
WLD-1-M Demeter AgroMech MOD[13] IndustrialMech
HVR-199M-B Harvester AgroMech MOD[14] IndustrialMech
OPO-2 Opossum SalvageMech[3] IndustrialMech
OPO-3 Opossum SalvageMech MOD[3] IndustrialMech
DiNapoli "Groundhog" Harvester[14]
DiNapoli ST4 Demeter[13]
Salvage Arm
DiNapoli ST7 Opossum[3]


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