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Di Tron Heavy Industries

Di Tron Heavy Industries
Company Information
Founding Year First Exodus
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) New Earth, Sirius, Terra, Zebebelgenubi
Primary Products WarShips

Founded in 2203, Di Tron Heavy Industries was a major Japan-based corporation. Operating during the Terran Hegemony and, later, the Star League, its primary area of interest was construction.


The company's headquarters were located in Tokyo, Japan on Terra, with regional offices on New Earth, Sirius and Zebebelgenubi. Despite its origins, the company had a very rocky relationship with the Draconis Combine, stemming from a dispute between the Toshimotos and Kuritas. Who started the disagreement is unknown, but it is believed one had offended the other sometime in the twenty-third century.[1]

During the Hegemony era, Di Tron had hold of a large share of the construction market, with subsidiaries focused on urban and military construction. With the creation of the Star League, the company diversified, with Di Tron Shipbuilders pumping out quality craft from its ten shipyards. It was responsible for the creation of the Titan[1] and Dictator[1] DropShips, as well as the manufacture of the Nightwing,[2] Dart[3][4] and Aegis-class WarShips, as well as the refurbishment of the Aegis WarShip.[1] Di Tron became interested in the Lyran Commonwealth when the Commonwealth first began looking into domestic WarShip production in 2371; as a result of the combination extensive financial chicanery on the part of experienced Lyran businessmen and the knowledge and know-how in WarShip construction held by Di Tron, a new company - Ioto Galactic Enterprises was created in the Commonwealth, carefully avoiding the legal constraints around sale of restricted Terran Hegemony technologies, and in 2375 the first Commonwealth-class cruisers emerged from the Port Stanley Naval Shipyards.[4]

Unfortunately, Di Tron would become a casualty during the fall of the Star League. Only one shipyard, located in the Lyran Commonwealth, survived to become part of Ioto Industries.[1]


During the company's lifetime, it was maintained by the Toshimoto family of Terra. Their dispute with the Kuritas meant whatever business dealings they had with them were often short and dirty.[1]


The only known Di Tron heavy Industries manufacturing center to survive the first three Succession Wars were the Port Stanley Naval Shipyards in orbit above Alarion, which became part of Ioto Industries when the rest of the company was destroyed.[1] Di Tron's shipyards in the New Earth, Sirius and Zebebelgenubi systems were destroyed during the First Succession War.[5]


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