Dianne Sennet

Dianne Sennet
Affiliation Clan Sea Fox
Profession saKhan

Dianne Sennet (b27?? - died 28??) was the first saKhan of Clan Sea Fox.[1]


Early Life and the Clans[edit]

As with many other warriors in the nascent Clans, little information exists regarding the early life of Dianne Sennet. She most likely served the SLDF as a MechWarrior before leaving the Inner Sphere with the rest of the Regular Army during Aleksandr Kerensky's Exodus.

After the Second Exodus to Strana Mechty, she would be selected as the saKhan of Clan Sea Fox, following the lead of Khan David Kalasa in the new Clan. Together, they would do a great job of preparing their Clan for the tough road ahead of them in the dust and heartache of Babylon, one of the rebellious Pentagon Worlds.[2]

Operation KLONDIKE[edit]

Babylon: Camlaan Landing, Solath[edit]

The disastrous battle of Camlaan saw a Sea Fox victory come at the cost of the life of Khan David Kalasa. To the Sea Foxes point of view, the other Clans who landed on the continent of Solath seemed to abandon them to suffer the brunt of the first assault, one that they had at least nominally planned together. SaKhan Dianne Sennet would take up the torch of leadership, directing her injured but still dangerous Clan to victory in many other parts of Babylon without the aid or support of the others.

Driven by the need felt by her Clan to extract revenge of any kind, Khan Sennet, taking the title reluctantly for the duration of hostilities, kept her Clan busy. With the other Clans splitting up more or less, the Sea Foxes tore through the Snaefell Mountains in a short loop that would bring them to the western coast, moving quickly, offering each settlement that they encountered one chance to surrender before smashing them until all opposition was dead or neutralized. With a respectable parcel of Solath under their control, the time came to depart overseas.[3]

Babylon: Valence[edit]

Landing almost on top of the continent's strongest power, the Sumral Carta, this battle was a show of force that proved the validity of her Clan's tactics. Utilizing Star Colonel Nagasawa's Aerospace Fighter Stars to their fullest, Khan Sennet pounded the defenders for six weeks with combined arms before they fell to the Clan conquerors. Losses on Valence were no where near as grievous as they were on Solath, and the Foxes would be in position to take another continent on Babylon.[4]

Babylon: Witches of Callandra[edit]

The third major objective that the Sea Foxes would take on, the wasteland continent of Collandra provided a challenge that proved very time and resource consuming to the Clan. Fighting against rebellious tribes of mountain and desert rebels armed with hidden caches of equipment scattered throughout the continent, the battle would see Clan Sea Fox surmount many obstacles and setbacks. From frequent equipment failure due to the harsh elements and sandstorms, to the frustrations of fighting an enemy with seemingly no home and plenty of well-hidden supplies, the Foxes were soon chasing their own tails attempting to nail down their enemy's locations and movements.[5]

The Sea Foxes would finally make headway after using Star Colonel Nagasawa's fighters as reconnaissance, noting the patterns of vegetation and climate variation over the changing year. Soon the key was found: The migration pattern of certain desert species that were crucial as a source of food to the Collandra tribes. After this discovery it was only a matter of time until the last major resistance on the continent had ended, though lone rebels and sporadic, small-scale riots would continue causing trouble for a few years after the end of the campaign.[6]


Dianne Sennet held her Clan together after its first major disaster - the death of its founding Khan - then led them to victories spanning three continents on the world of Babylon during Operation KLONDIKE. A strong leader on the field of battle and a sensible one off, she would stand aside when ilKhan Nicholas Kerensky suggested Karen Nagasawa should be the new Khan of Clan Sea Fox. Not only would she stand aside, she would encourage the passing of the Khanship to the young rising star, knowing that all of this was as Khan Kalasa would likely have wanted it.[7]

As founder of the Sennet Bloodname House, Dianne Sennet's genetic legacy produces generation after generation of fine MechWarriors for her Clan, individuals who often rise to positions of leadership in their Clan's Touman.[8]

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
saKhan of Clan Sea Fox
2807 – 28??

Succeeded by


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