Dice: House Marik

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Dice: House Marik
Product information
Type Dice
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs & Q-Workshop
Product code House Marik
First published
ISBN-13 907699493104
MSRP $14.99 (Poland)
Series Dice Sets


Randall Bills announced on April 15, 2016 that Q-WORKSHOP was to release several Battletech Dice Sets.

Q-workshop’s BattleTech dice will start with the five Great Houses, specifically oriented towards a 3025 Succession Wars–era setting. Each House pack comes with two faction dice, as well as 3 famous Combat Commands for each Great House, and finally a mercenary outfit most connected with that House for this Era.

Product Description[edit]

Grab these brilliant BatteTech faction dice from the master makers at Q-workshop. In addition to two House Marik dice, this pack include one die for each of the following Combat Commands: