Dig King

Dig King
RCL-1 Dig King
Production information
Use Mining
Class Light
Introduced 2573[1]
Technical specifications
Mech type Inner Sphere IndustrialMech
Mass 30 tons
Armor Heavy Industrial Armor
Engine Fuel Cell Engine
Communications System Unspecified
Heat Sinks 1
Speed 54 km/h

Rock Cutter, Mining Drill, Lift Hoist

BV (1.0) 409[2]
BV (2.0) 599[3]


Designed as a light Industrial 'Mech design used for underground tunnel mining, the Dig King is one of the earliest known examples of MiningMech. Introduced in 2573, this durable, dependable design became the basis for many offshoots produced over the centuries.

During the Succession Wars, the need for combat 'Mechs became urgent. The militarized version of the Dig King soon would appear in desperate moments in combat. A civilian variation of the Dig King would be commonly used in late 3090s to mid-3130s in the Inner Sphere. After Gray Monday in the late Dark Age, many of these 'Mechs were once more converted into make-shift combat 'Mechs and pressed into service for many splinter groups after the collapse of the HPG network.[4][5]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

This design is equipped with a Mining Drill in place of its left hand actuator. In place of its right hand actuator, it has its signature Rock-Cutter. The 'Mech is also equipped with a Lift Hoist in left torso, to haul ore or other equipment around.[6]


  • RCL-1M Dig King MiningMech MOD 
    Created during the Succession Wars, this refitted weaponized version was used by various factions, militia, and other military concerns of this time period. In place of the lift hoist, the 'Mech has been equipped with two 4-tube Short-Range Missile Launchers with one ton of ammunition. A pair of Machine Guns & ammunition have been mounted in place of the left arm. The design has slight increase of armor overall and retains the Rock Cutter in the right arm.BV(1.0)=[7] BV(2.0)=460[8]

Related Designs[edit]

  • RCL-4 Dig Lord - Heavy-Class Industrial 'Mech design which first premiered in 3057. The MiningMech resembles this 65 ton design.

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  • MiningMech MOD-B : Variant of the refit of the MiningMech MOD. The refit retains the I/NCK "Thornbush" SRM-4s launchers & Bulldog Machine Guns, however it has a DeValt Heavy-Duty Hydraulic Pile Driver.[9]
  • MiningMech Mk II - Newer version of the original MiningMech. The design is carry core in its "Dump truck bed", is equipped with shovel in right arm. Like the original MiningMech, it to was subjected to military modifications, in form of the MiningMech Mk II MOD.

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Design Notes[edit]

  • Origin - Originally known simply as the MiningMech & MOD (variant), these two Mech's were introduced by WizKids as part of their original release of their MechWarrior Dark Age Collectable Miniatures Game. A part of bridging the gaps between the older "Classic" BattleTech franchise, a Dark Age Record Book was created which included early stats for the MiningMech and its armed variant. The MiningMech's BattleTech stats were designed prior to introduction to Total Warfare and TechManual in which introduce industrial grade and commercial type armor. The MiningMech was conceived originally with standard BattleMech armor which sets it aside from other designs and had a ICE power plant versus the current version's Fuel Engine. At the time, there was little of anything written about the MiningMech aside from appearing in Dark Age novels. The MiningMech MOD-B has some fluff on which manufacture had this "refitted" of the design. The MOD-B's Hydraulic Pile Driver suggests this is a variant of the civilian version of the MiningMech. It did appear in the novel, Fortress of Lies, where it was used as part of the defense of St. Andre against House Liao's invasion of the Republic of the Sphere.


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