Din Steiner

Din Steiner
Died3073 or 3074[2]
AffiliationClan Cloud Cobra

Din Steiner was Khan of Clan Cloud Cobra at the time of the Clan Invasion, described as tall and gaunt, though with a keen intellect and political acumen.[1]


Din Steiner was protege to the previous Khan, Tova N'Buta, ascending to the position in 3037. Though a member in the Tongo Cloister, he often desired to separate himself from their machinations and believed the timing of Operation REVIVAL to be too soon.[1]

He was known to have not led his entire Keshik into battle in over two decades, preferring to split his forces into reinforcements for the Clan's Galaxies.[3]

Khan Din Steiner died on Tanis during the Wars of Reaving against Bandit Caste members.[2]


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