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Direct Tactical Analysis Control System


The Direct Tactical Analysis Control System (DTACS) was introduced by the Word of Blake in 3072[1] for their Caspar II Space Defense System. An attempt to recreate the Autonomous Tactical Analysis Control system used by the Star League Defense Force, the DTACS allows a human adviser to provide guidance to drone units under its command. The DTACS was created by combining the remote control systems used in Teleoperated Capital Missiles with the Naval C3 System stolen from the Draconis Combine. Up to six Caspar II based drone systems can be linked together in a single squadron by the DTACS, allowing those ships to share targeting and sensor data.[1]

First deployed on the Naga SDS command ships, the DTACS system was an unqualified success. The high speed communication links between the attacking drones and the Nagas quickly allowed the Blakist defenders to destroy the Wolf's Dragoons task force.


Game Rules[edit]

The DTACS is an experimental system available only to the Inner Sphere. Its availability code is F-X-X-F-F. Installable only on a WarShip, Space Station, or Mobile Structure, a DTACS system has a base weight of 3% of the unit carrying it, plus 150 tons for each Caspar II drone the unit controls. Additional crew space equal to one crew per controlled drone must be allocated.[1]Jihad Hot Spots: Terra, p. 199</ref> There is no limit to the number of drones a control ship can oversee, but the DTACS is limited to six drones at a time. The DTACS can alter which six drones it is controlling at any time however, so a Word of Blake Precentor could control two squadrons of twelve ships with one DTACS if she rotated the command functions among the twenty-four vessels.[1]


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