Dirk McEvans

Dirk McEvans
Affiliation Fronc Reaches
Force Marshal

Dirk McEvans was the Force Marshal of the Colonial Marshals between 3064 - 3090[1][2]


Short after taking command of the unit, and as time passed from the 3060's Christmas eve when the New Colony President Sherman Maltin led a contingent of Colonial Marshals and took hostage the visiting Magestrix Emma Centrella and Protector Jeffrey Calderon, demanding independence of the New Colony region as the ransom for their release, new mutterings of independence resurfaced in the region. Despite the angry mutterings from their allies in the Concordat, the Magistrix gave tacit support the current Colonial Marshals, and specifically to the Marshals leader, Force Marshal McEvans, as they call for independence for the New Colony region. Force Marshal Dirk McEvans was the leader of the faction of Colonial Marshals that did not support the actions of then President Maltin, and though McEvans does want independence from both parent realms, he and the Marshals he leads follow a more peaceful means to this end rather than rebelling against their sponsor realms.[1]

By 3066 his wished came through as the Fronc Reaches were formed.[3][4]

In the late Jihad and early 3080s, both Force Commander Dirk McEvans and the President of the Reaches, Carver Trondel, also initiated diplomatic efforts to launch a united front against pirate forces with the nearby Calderon Protectorate.[5] Commander McEvans and President Trondel also arranged for construction of the Marshalry Academy on Fronc to begin by 3079, making up for the loss of the training programs at the Canopian Institute of War, something already planned to happen as a result of Commander McEvans' objections to the pro-Canopian nature of the courses from the Canopian Institute.

In September 3083 eighty-three people were killed on Cygnus by Deputy Marshal Lon Donner of the Colonial Marshals. Donner executed three locals who had been found guilty of murdering a family of refugees from the Capellan Confederation only to find himself confronted with a rioting mob as a result. Donner fired into the mob to clear a route to his 'Mech and then used his 'Mech's weapons to disperse the riot. As a result, eighty-three people died. While a review judged that Donner had acted without malice, then Force Commander Dirk McEvans removed Donner from active duty, chastised him and reassigned Donner to teaching duty at the Marshalry Academy.[6]

By 3085, he was a Force Marshal and aide of President of the Fronc Reaches Carver Trondel, plus commander of the Colonial Marshals.[7]

There were rumours that President Trondel intended to retire by 3090, but Force Commander McEvans apparently had no interest in becoming President despite widespread popular support, which made the prospect for a crisis in leadership for the Reaches loomed.[8]


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