Dirk Radick

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Dirk Radick
Character Profile
Born 3026[1]
Died 3083
Affiliation Clan Wolf
Republic of the Sphere
Rank Star Colonel

Dirk Radick was a thirty-first century Trueborn Clan MechWarrior and Officer in the ranks of Clan Wolf.

Character Description[edit]

Hardline politically aligned Crusader in Clan Wolf, Dirk was intelligence and blood thirsty warrior who still abided by Honor in his earlier years.[2] He cultivated a hatred for freeborns.


Early Life and Career[edit]

By age 23, Dirk had become a Star Commander, he saw action during the Clan Invasion as part of the Seventh Battle Cluster's Trinary Battle.[3]

Clan Invasion and Tukayyid[edit]

As part of the Seventh Battle, Dirk's unit first saw action on the Periphery world of Crellacor in September of 3049. The unit grounded fought in Trial of Possession against the Oberon Confederation's 3rd Oberon Guards with support of the mechanized infantry of Crellacor Guards. Despite his Cluster's being out weight by 3rd's assault 'Mechs, his Cluster would pounce assault 'Mechs of the 3rd and its infantry support soundly.

He would see action over the years on various worlds such as Skallevoll, Vantaa and furious fighting on Maestu with the whole of Gamma Galaxy fighting the 1st Lyran Guards.[4]

On Tukayyid in May, 3052, Dirk's unit would win honor being part of fighting to claim cities Skupo and Brzo. He and his unit would move with 4th Wolf Guards and 3rd Battle Clusters as part of the assault on Skupo. During the march, elements of ComStar's 10th Army would attempt to repulse their thrust to the city. With aide of saKhan Natasha Kerensky's 13th Wolf and 4th Wolf Guards Dirk's unit continued advanced and seized Skupo. His unit along with other Gamma Galaxy Clusters would left to garrison the city, as Clan Wolf moved take Brzo.[5]

As Commander of the Seventh Battle Cluster[edit]

After the Refusal War, Dirk was among the survivors of his Cluster. As part of the reborn Clan Wolf, he rose to become its next Star Colonel. As it commander he engaged his unit took part in Harvest Trials, where he rebuilt his unit taking best of other Crusader Clans forces for his own. His unit developed into extremists whose pro-Crusader outlook was hated by other Clans and his own. His unit would clash with fellows of Gamma Galaxy, including freeborns of the 271st Assault Cluster. In 3058 he led the Seventh Battle Cluster to Tomans, where the unit fought against the Fifth battle Cluster of Clan Jade Falcon.[6]

In 3062, his unit would undertake an unauthorized incursion into Clan Ghost Bear's space in an attempt to take Toffen. Defended by only Trinary of OmniMechs due to the Dominion War, Dirk would try take planet in a Trinary to Trinary battle. His opponent, Star Captain Angela Bekker, would stretch the length of Trial of Possession for weeks, wearing down Dirk's forces using guerrilla tactics. By end of the Trial, Dirk Radick's Trinary would be exhausted and nearly out of supplies. He would be forced to call down an additional Binary of troops try finish off Bekker and her forces. However, his force would be lured into trap, where his unit would consumed by furious fires of grass field forcing him to concede the Trial. As they finally returned to Altenmarkt, he would find that Clan Ghost Bear had conducted a military campaign into Clan Wolf's space. Altenmarkt and other worlds would fall to the Ghost Bears while he was away trying take Toffen.[7]

Despite his failure to capture Toffen, leaving his post unauthorized and losing much honor of the affair, Dirk would retain command of the 7th Battle. He and rest of his parent Galaxy would be shifted to Clan Jade Falcon border, where his unit be stationed on Rastaban.[8]

The Jihad and As Second-in-Command of Delta Galaxy[edit]

As the Jihad raged, Dirk would be transferred to Delta Galaxy as Katya Kerensky's second-in-command. As her executive officer, his transfer to Delta was seen as a move on Khan Vlad Ward's part to undercut the Kerensky's warden influence on the Galaxy, as well effectively taking away her command of Delta. However, the horrors of the Jihad created by the Word of Blake would convince him that Kerensky's views of Clan Wolf getting involved in fighting to destroy Blakist were right despite her political views as a Warden.[9]

Eventually, his Delta Galaxy would get selected to fight with Devlin Stone's Coalition of troops liberate world of the Word of Blake Protectorate.[10] In August 3078, he and Delta Galaxy would participate in Liberation of Terra. His unit would be assigned to Task Force Mallet and attack Luna with Jade Falcons' Alpha Galaxy, DCMS' DEST, and Star Seeds mercenary command. His Galaxy's Elemental would take facilities on the ground from TerraSec in several days of fighting.[11]

Republic of the Sphere[edit]

Dirk Radick was named one of the first Paladins of the Republic of the Sphere.[12] He was killed during Operation VINDOLANDA, the Republic's counterassault on Tikonov. While holding a river crossing near Arkhangelsk, he was killed by a lance of 'Mechs from Warrior House Tsang Xiao in 3083. This gave him the dubious distinction of being the first Paladin to fall in battle.[13]


Radick piloted an Adder, up to and during the Battle of Tukayyid.[14] Sometime later, Dirk Radick upgraded to an Executioner OmniMech.[15]

At the time of his death, Radick was piloting a Tundra Wolf known as Andrea.[16]

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
Carmin Winson
Star Colonel of 7th Battle Cluster

Succeeded by
Preceded by
Paladin the Republic

Succeeded by
Leonid Tereshcenko


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