Divine Providence

Divine Providence
Vessel Profile
Type DropShip
Class Overlord
In service until 25 October 3068 (destroyed)


The Divine Providence was an Overlord-class DropShip.[1] As of 2973 it served with ComStar's Explorer Corps.[2]

According to a report filed by crewmember Adept Antonian Nokaj in November 2973, the Explorer Corps vessel Divine Providence had visited the deep periphery planet Trentwash II beyond the Elysian Fields. The planet had apparently had no contact with outsiders for about three centuries and was proud of its history as a Rim Worlds Republic colony. The natives subsequently attacked the vessel with antique weapons and killed seventeen out of a crew of twenty. In an action he later regretted, Nokaj (as the senior Adept) turned the ship's weapons on the natives and their ancient city. Only a handful survived.[2]

By the time of the Jihad, the Divine Providence was operated by the Word of Blake. The Divine Providence was destroyed by the Warship Acari on or shortly after 25 October 3068, after Shiva aerospace fighters deployed from the Divine Providence had dropped nerve gas on the parading Knights of the Inner Sphere and spectators on Atreus.[1] (Though the story is undated, other sources such as Jihad Turning Points: Atreus, p. 8, establish that this attack was carried out on 25 October 3068.)


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