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Doering Electronics
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Company Logo
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Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Hesperus II
New Kyoto
Primary Products Electronics


Despite the fact that the planet Hesperus II they call home has been raided fourteen times in its history, Doering Electronics itself has never been attacked, mainly because the nearby Defiance 'Mechworks overshadows this lesser prize. Their Neil line of communications units are shipped to other systems, but most of Doering's business is given to Defiance Industries.[1] While Doering was one of the largest producers of BattleMech and AeroSpace Fighter communication systems and sensor equipment in the Lyran Commonwealth and Lyran Alliance, the fact that it also manufactured high-quality neurohelmets on Hesperus II made it a rare company even within the Alliance.[2]

Founded during the First Succession War, Doering always had a close working relationship with Defiance Industries to the extent that the Defiance security forces protected the Doering plant on Hesperus as if it were a part of the massive Defiance complex.[2] In common with other companies across Lyran space, Doering also traded with other companies; examples of this inter-company trade were seen in the TharHes Industries-manufactured Wolfhound BattleMech, which used Doering electronics,[3] as well as the partnership Doering entered into with RAMTech Industries in the late 3060s.[4]

In the late 3060s the share price of Doering Electronics rose sharply on the back of rumors that a radical breakthrough in communications or sensor technology was on the verge of being announced by the company.[2] The company had also been commissioned to build small disposable communication satellites which could operate in constellations of relays for temporary communication network.[5][6]

Despite the greater attention paid to the Hesperus plant, the Doering Electronics plant on New Kyoto actually produced more communications and sensor equipment than the Hesperus plant, as well as a wide range of telecommunications equipment for the civilian market.[2]

During the Jihad the Doering plant on Hesperus II took heavy damage, with 80% of all production capacity damaged or destroyed; by 3079, the plant had manage to boost production back up to 35% of full capacity.[7] Doering's hyper-advanced satellite manufacturing facilities were one of the casualties of the Jihad, and hadn't been rebuilt by 3084; this was also the case for Doering's closest competitor in the satellite market, Nashan Diversified, and civilian manufacturing companies had expanded rapidly to fill the gap.[8]


The companies CEO in 3067 is Graf of Melrose Shandra Doering.[2]


The Doering Electronics plant on Hesperus II is located in Melrose Valley on the continent of South Whitman.[9] Doering Electronics also has a facility on the world of New Kyoto[10] which is located in Hansinger.[2]

Hesperus II[edit]

Components produced on Hesperus II:[1]
Component Type
Communications System
Angst Clear Channel 3 Banshee[1]
Angst Discom Atlas[1]
Neil 6000 Griffin[1]
Neil 6000-a Hellcat[1] & Thunderbold[1]
Neil 8000 Thunderbold[1]
Neil 9000 Archer[1]
Targeting-Tracking System
Angst Accuracy Atlas[1]
Angst Clear View 2A Banshee[1]
Narc Missile Beacon
Doering Electronics Glowworm Archer variants[1]

New Kyoto[edit]

Components produced on New Kyoto:[11]
Component Type
Communications System
O-P 3000 COMSET Shipped to Sudeten for Warhammer[11] to Pandora for BattleMaster[11], and to Styk for 'Victor[11]
O-P AIR500 Shipped to Skye for Seydlitz[11]
O-P AIR900 Shipped to Tharkad for Lightning[11]
O-P AIR1200 Shipped to Gibbs for Eagle[11]
O-P COM-22-H47 Shippede to Tharkad for Wolfhound[11]
O-P COMSET Shipped to Gienah and Carlisle for Pack Rat[11]
OP-R Janxiir Shipped to New Earth and Hesperus II for Manticore[11]
Targeting-Tracking System
O-P 911 Shipped to Furillo for Locust[11] &Wasp[11]
O-P 1500 ARB Shipped to Styk for Victor[11] & Sudeten for Warhammer[11]
O-P 2000JSA Shipped to Gienah & Carlisle for Pack Rat[11]
O-P 2500TGFD Shipped to Tharkad for Lightning[11] & Hellcat[11]
O-P 3000 Shipped to Skye for Seydlitz[11]


  • As of this writing, it us uncleared where D40 Communication Satellite was produced for the Lyran military. Thus production notes of the D40 are not noted in these production summaries.[5][6]


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