Production information
Manufacturer Clan Wolf W-12 Facilities
Model (base)[1]
Class Heavy
Technical specifications
'Mech type Clan BattleMech
Mass 65 tons
Chassis Type W4 Endo Steel
Armor Forging FF01 Ferro-Fibrous
Engine Starfire 325 XL
Communications System WC-020
Targeting Tracking System WC-TT-008B with Targeting Computer
Heat Sinks 18 double
Speed 86 km/h (108 km/h with Supercharger)
Jump Jets BMP Series XV
BV (2.0) 3,018

The Dominator is a Wolf Clan BattleMech introduced in the final years of the Dark Age era.


Khan of Clan Wolf Alaric Ward wanted a 'Mech to "Make the Republic tremble behind their Wall, chase the Jade Falcons from the skies, and dominate the pilots of the Inner Sphere under the will of Clan Wolf." This new 'Mech was to be highly mobile, heavily armored, and be able to outrun anything the 'Mech could not outgun. Additionally the 'Mech had to be a capable brawler since Inner Sphere pilots were often engaging Clan 'Mechs in close quarters hand-to-hand combat. [2]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

Despite being a second line 'Mech, the Dominator's pilot benefits from all of the progress of Clan technology. The Dominator is built with both ten and a half tons of Ferro-fibrous Armor and Endo Steel Internal Structure. To mitigate heat buildup, the Dominator is equipped with eighteen double heat sinks, allowing the Mech's pilot to continuously fire all of its weapons systems and continue to move at full speed. The Dominator's pilots also enjoy having the advantage of a hundred-and-fifty-meter jump range. The design team then added a supercharger to the 'Mech's already agile frame. The supercharger benefits the Dominator by not directly damaging the 'Mech's leg actuators, unlike MASC. This new piece of equipment increases the Dominator's durability while providing the pilot with an extra burst of needed speed.

When the Dominator's pilot enters physical combat, the pilot has the ability to engage in a "death from above" attack. To assist the Dominator's pilot in the DFA attack, the legs have been reinforced to reduce the amount of damage inflicted to the them. Finally, the design team fulfilled Khan Alaric Ward's directions by equipping the Dominator with battlefists, making the 'Mech a deadly brawler in close combat.

The Dominator is also equipped with a robust targeting computer, which complements the already deadly gunnery skills of the typical Clan pilot. The Dominator is equipped with somewhat less weaponry than is normally found on a standard Clan heavy 'Mech. The 'Mech's arsenal begins with a shoulder mounted Series 7K Extended Range Large Laser in the its right torso, coupled with an Type 22 Extended Range PPC mounted in the lower right arm. A recessed Smartshot Mark VI six tubed streak SRM is mounted in the 'Mech's left shoulder with one ton of ammunition. Oddly, an Series 3K Extended Range Small Laser is mounted almost directly behind the Dominator's pilot in the 'Mech's head, facing the rear.


  • Dominator
    The ER-PPC is changed out for a second extended range large laser. The supercharger is removed, as is the streak SRM. Replacing the streak SRM is an LRM-20 with an Artemis V FCS. The missile rack is supplied with two tons of ammunition. The 'Mech's close range firepower is adjusted with an ER Medium Laser, while all weapons are still tied into a less sizeable Targeting Computer. This refit was successful enough to be adopted as a new factory model. BV (2.0) = 2,906[3][4]

Design Quirks[edit]

The Dominator has the following Design Quirks:[5]

Notable Pilots[edit]


  • In Divided We Fall, the Dominator record sheet states it is an OmniMech. This was an editorial mistake. It is a second-line 'Mech.[7]



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