Dominions Divided

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Dominions Divided
Product information
Type Sourcebook
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
First published Fourth Quarter 2022
Era ilClan

The ilClan era sourcebook Dominions Divided is set to be published in the Fourth Quarter of 2022. It will focus upon the Federated Suns, the Draconis Combine and the Rasalhague Dominion.[1]

Product Description[edit]

Across the reinvigorated Federated Suns, the call goes out: the time has come to retake the jewel New Avalon from the Dragon, and throw back the Draconis Combine invaders. But the demands of war and politics will test the fragile alliance between First Prince Julian Davion and Prince’s Champion Erik Sandoval-Groell, and threaten to renew the chaos they seek to conquer.

The Rasalhague Dominion, so long a bastion of stability and internal harmony, greets the news of the ilClan’s accession with anything but a united front. Between those who believe that joining the newborn Star League is the Dominion’s destiny, and those not willing to deny the power and promise of their fusion culture, a single vote could secure a bright new future, or ignite the flames of violence.

Dominions Divided is a BattleTech sourcebook providing full details of the events within the Federated Suns, Draconis Combine, and Rasalhague Dominion from 3151 to mid-3152. Included are a full historical summary of events in those regions of space, personality and unit profiles of key players—many appearing here for the first time–and game information to bring it all to your BattleTech tabletop.


The cover features Julian Davion in his Marauder II facing off against Matsuhari Toranaga in his Atlas.[2]