Donal Malthus

Donal Malthus
Character Profile
Affiliation House Malthus
Position Military Governor[1]
Profession Politician

Donal Malthus was a Clan Jade Falcon lowercasteman who would assume the role of Military Governor of the Graceland system.


Malthus, at the dawn of IlClan Era, was on Graceland. As he was a member of House Malthus, he must have been hidden or using another name, as the Falcon's members of Malthus (Bloodname) killed all those Malthus when find them. When Malvina Hazen departed from Terra, Donal saw his opportunity. As the Falcon's occupation zone dissolved into the Hinterlands, he liberated the planet, claiming it as a holding of his family, but it wasn't well defended, so when the mercenary unit, Bleeding Eagles arrived, to secure the planet from Graceland, he received them. After talking with his leader, Colonel Chester Barnes, they reached a deal, and willingly joined the Tamar Pact, the Eagles' employer, in exchange for the mercenaries protecting Graceland.[2]


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