Donegal Province


The Donegal Province, also known as the District of Donegal, is a region of the Lyran Commonwealth which boasts some of the realm's most important worlds.



By the end of the Age of War, the Protectorate of Donegal had been subdivided into four provinces, one of which was the District of Donegal. As well as being home to the Protectorate's original capital world of Donegal, the throne world Tharkad was also located within the region.[1]

Succession Wars[edit]

Much like the Protectorate as a whole, the District of Donegal avoided the brunt of the Succession Wars. The District was considered the economic and political heart of the Commonwealth, with well-informed and cosmopolitan citizens. However, the District was no paradise; political leaders in the region were among the sharpest and most opportunistic anywhere in the Inner Sphere, often taking advantage of less experienced partners without a second thought. Despite efforts by the Commonwealth government to stamp it out, corruption was worse in the District of Donegal than anywhere else in the realm. In contrast with their neighbors in Bolan Province, residents of the District of Donegal were generally open to diplomacy with their rivals.[2]

Following the formation of the Federated Commonwealth, most of the District became the Pherkad Operational Area of the Donegal March.[3]

Clan Invasion[edit]

After the 3057 secession of the Lyran Alliance, the former Protectorate of Donegal was once again divided up into four central regions, creating the Donegal Province as one of the Alliance's five provinces with Pandora as its theater headquarters.[4] Almost simultaneously, Grand Duke Morgan Kell declared the formation of the Arc-Royal Defense Cordon, a semi-autonomous military region which Kell claimed would provide stronger mutual defense against Clan Jade Falcon, though it also served as a base for Kell from which to oppose Archon Katherine Steiner-Davion.[5]

Civil War[edit]

Fighting in the Donegal Province was confined to the Pandora Theater in the initial flashpoint, but fighting erupted on Odessa in April of 3067, when the Thorin FTM and Snord's Irregulars exposed a plan by Count Nicholas Fisk and Wolverton's Highlanders to turn the two units against each other.[6] While there were still units maneuvering through the province in subsequent waves, the next major battle would not come until the Jade Falcon incursion. During this campaign, the theater headquarters of Pandora fell to the Falcons, with theater commander Walter Gothard captured.[7] Once the incursion concluded with the Blair Atholl trial, a relative peace settled back over the province. This ended in the final wave of the Civil War, when Peter Steiner-Davion launched his attack on Tharkad to depose regent Nondi Steiner and, through her, his sister Katherine[8] while the 25th Arcturan Guards attacked Donegal, not only preventing the 1st Donegal Jaegers from joining the battle on Tharkad but also freeing many political prisoners held on the world, including Robert Kelswa-Steiner, who threw his support behind Peter.[9]

In the wake of the fall of Pandora to the Falcons and Kell's support of Peter as Archon, theater command was relocated to Arc-Royal.[10]

Systems of Note[edit]






Commander: Hauptmann-General Francis Bergsma

Aide: Leutnant-General Dean Forney[18]


Commander: Hauptmann-General Rebecca Simons

Aide: Leutnant-General Claudia Sanders[19]


Commander: Hauptmann-General Rebecca Simons

Aide: Leutnant-General Claudia Sanders[20]


Commander: Hauptmann-General Sarah Chisholm

Aide: Leutnant-General Kip Preminger[21]


Commander: Hauptmann-General Jasek Kelswa-Steiner

Aide: Kommandant-General Jack Sphire III[22]


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