Donna Ippolito

Donna Ippolito
Donna Ippolito (undated)
Occupation senior editor
In-universe persona Nonda Toolippi

Having previously worked with Mort Weisman as an editor for his 'Swallow Press' publishing house, Donna Ippolito worked for FASA as editor-in-chief from 1985, when Mort Weisman became the firm's president, to 2001 when FASA ceased active operations. She has since established herself as a fiction and nonfiction author and works as a freelance editor and teacher.

She is mentioned in the credits of most FASA publications as Editor or Senior Editor, having edited all of FASA's BattleTech game publications as well as (at least) 75 BattleTech novels and 40 Shadowrun novels for FASA and Roc Books. In some instances she is also credited for writing.

The BattleTech character Nonda Toolippi was created as an homage to her.


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