Doomsday Brigade

Doomsday Brigade
Affiliation Mercenary
Parent Command Independent


It is not known which had been the operations from the Doomsday Brigade prior to the Jihad.

Almost two years to the day after the Word of Blake officially took control of Gibson, the planet was attacked by forces from the Principality of Regulus. The task force was formed by the Fourth Regulan Hussars as the foundation for Operation VIJAY with mercenary support from the Thirteenth Stalking Horse, the Wild Geese, and several smaller mercenary formation (the Deadly Burns, Doomsday Brigade, Herculan Muster and Johannes' Sting) and gave operational command to retired Regulan General Tomaso Kinchuhara.[1]

The Regulan fleet attacked on the 13th of August 3073, initially meeting no resistance as they entered the system; however, the ground forces landed by the Regulans were almost completely eradicated by the planets defenders. Leading the Word of Blake defense were two of the infamous Shadow Divisions: the 49th and 52nd. With the Regulan ground offensive firmly defeated, Word of Blake WarShips appeared in-system and shattered the Regulan naval forces, with only a few survivors escaping.[2][3] Apollyon forced the smaller mercenary commands to surrender, and both Shadow Divisions hunted down the rest of the invaders.[1] Among those units destroyed or badly mauled were the Fourth Regulan Hussars, the Thirteenth Stalking Horse and the Wild Geese; a few damaged units managed to escape from the surface of the planet by DropShip after the Wild Geese sold themselves dearly to buy time, but the losses taken by the Regulan forces overall was compared to the casualties taken in the earliest days of the Clan Invasion.[4]

This was the last operation of the unit.


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Doomsday Brigade


No specific tactics are known for this unit.

Composition History[edit]


Unknown, but the outfit was defined as small mercenary formation.[1]


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