Dorian Wirth

Dorian Wirth aged 47
Dorian Wirth
Born 3004
Died 3052
Affiliation Clan Smoke Jaguar
Rank Galaxy Commander
Profession MechWarrior

Dorian Wirth (b. 3004 [1] - d. 3052[2]; aged 47) was a cold and calculating warrior who commanded Alpha Galaxy of the Smoke Jaguar’s Touman in the Inner Sphere at the time of Operation REVIVAL.


Dorian was born on Strana Mechty. He was the top cadet of his Sibko testing out with three kills and the rank of Star Captain. Assigned to the 53rd Battle Cluster he fought with distinction during the intramural Clan conflicts that marked the early 31st century. He was a skilled tactician and an even better strategist. Marked as a Ristar he quickly rose to command the 53rd Battle as their Star Colonel and in 3026 won his bloodname. Later that same year he was elected saKhan. [1] However, by 3046 his political star was waning and he had lost his position. [3]

His association with Kincaid Furey may have what led him to be promoted to Galaxy Commander [2] of Alpha Galaxy for the Fifth Wave of Operation REVIVAL. He was the Jaguar representative who conducted the bidding for the Battle of Luthien, but unfortunately he was killed in that action.[2]

Personality and Traits[edit]

He was noted to be cold and calculating, but on top of this he could be aggressive or subtle as the circumstances required. [1]


Wirth piloted a Dire Wolf into combat.[1]


We are the Smoke Jaguars. We leap upon our prey, bearing him to the ground and tearing out his throat. We fear no enemy. We seek him out and kill him where he lives. We do not wait for him to come to us or meet him on grounds of his choosing.
- Spoken before the Battle of Luthien, 3052


The biography for Sarah Weaver in Era Report: 3052 states that Wirth (spelt incorrectly as Worth) was only a Star Colonel during the Battle of Luthien contradicting other references and that he personally represented her.[3]


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