First Draconis Combine - Lyran Commonwealth War (2407)

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First Draconis Combine - Lyran Commonwealth War of 2407
Part of The Age of War
Start Date 1 January 2407
End Date January 2408
Planet Several Lyran Commonwealth planets like Kessel and Menkent
Draconis Combine
Lyran Commonwealth
Commanders and leaders
Coordinator Robert Kurita[1] Archon Alistair Marsden[2]

  • 1 Jan 2407 The Draconis Combine attacked and overwhelmed the minor Lyran Commonwealth defenders on many border worlds. A follow-up wave poured through the hole made, pushing for the Lyran capital world of Arcturus. However, this was only a diversion. The Kuritan plan actually was to lunge towards Arcturus, then turn sharply and head straight for Terra, dividing the Commonwealth into sections.[2]
  • 2407 VEGA STRIKE - Archon Alistair Marsden got a sudden flash of intuition concerning Kurita's next move. A second Combine prong was slated for the LC invasion. These two prongs were to meet up somewhere in the LC interior, isolating large regions to be annexed to the Combine. Surmising that a second wave would be launched from the world of Vega, Marsden collected all the forces he'd held back in reserve for one massive strike at the Vegan staging ground. In the middle of preparing for their role in the LC invasion, the Vegan forces were taken by complete surprise, and able to mount only token resistance, before Marsden's forces plowed through them and to the actual holding facilities, where firing indiscriminately, large stockpiles of brand new military hardware were destroyed and countless crates of ammunition and other expendables blown up.[2]
  • Sept 2407 - Kurita's second wave still launched from nearby worlds, racing for the Kessel region, attempting to further divide up Lyran space. The DC's two-pronged attack had the specific goal of carving out at least two-thirds of the Federation of Skye. Marsden's military was reeling and in desperation, they resorted to scorched-earth policies. These tactics only slowed Kurita's troops slightly. Alistair fired all of his generals involved the defensive campaign and took personal control, rallying the faltering LC forces. On Morningside, the defenders regained enough spirit to fight the DCMS to a bloody standstill.[2]
  • Jan 2408 - Archon Marsden is killed in action leading an Armored Vehicle Regiment on Menkent.[3]


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