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Draconis Reach

The Draconis Reach was a disputed territory situated between the Draconis Combine and the Federated Suns' Draconis March that existed between the late 3080s and 3139. It should not be confused with the Draconis Rift, nor with the Draconian Drift periphery region.


Comprising ten to fifteen star systems at any given time, the region came into existence in the late 3080s when House Sandoval dispatched mercenaries and some House troops into a belt of worlds stretching from Marlowe's Rift to Cassias. Over the next five decades both the Federated Suns and Draconis Combine would feed troops into this disputed territory, with neither able or willing to commit enough forces to end the stalemate for good.[1]

This half-century of endless low-level warfare was finally resolved in the Combine's favor in 3139. In an unexpected move Matsuhari Toranaga, Gunji-no-Kanrei of the Combine military, hired Wolf's Dragoons and unleashed them upon the Reach in March; the Draconis Reach Campaign was a total sucess for the kuritans: the Dragoons, beginning with the Battle of Marlowe's Rift (3139), they took planet after planet.[2] Soon, the Ryuken and Dragoons competed to see who conquered worlds quicker. An attempt of the Federated Suns to stop them failed during the Battle of Misery (3139).[3] By the end of the year every world of the Draconis Reach had been conquered, and the Dragoonsa nd Ryuken even launched a devastating raid against the Federated Suns' world Glenmora. The Battle of Glenmora (3140) signaled the end of the campaign.[4] [5] While Duke Corwin Sandoval mounted a counteroffensive two years later that overran the former Reach worlds and pushed deeper into the Combine, his assault was soon blunted by the efforts of the Dragoons, the Ryuken and other DCMS units. With the Nova Cat Rebellion crushed by January 3143, the DCMS was free to turn its full attention to its other war, and by the end of that year House Sandoval finally abandoned the Reach worlds to the Combine.[6]



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