Dragau II

Dragau II Assault Interceptor
Production information
Manufacturer O’Neil Shipyards[1]
Production Year 3085[2]
Use Interceptor
Type Military Aerodyne[1]
Tech Base Inner Sphere (Advanced)[1]
Technical specifications
Mass 2,500[1] tons
Structural Integrity 15[1]
Length 90[1] meters
Width 90[1] meters
Height 20[1] meters
Drive System Fusion[1]
Safe Thrust 3.5 g[1]
Max Thrust 5.5 g[1]
Fuel (tons) 174[1]
Fuel (days) 1.84[1]
Armament 2x Heavy Gauss Rifles

6x Heavy PPCs
4x ER PPCs
4x LRM 15 w/Artemis IV
10x Large VSP Lasers
2x ER Medium Lasers
6x AMS [1]

Armor Heavy Ferro Aluminum
Crew 2 Officers
3 enlisted/non-rate
8 Gunners[1]
Heat Sinks 122 (244)[1]
BV (2.0) 14,254[1]


The Dragau II Class Assault Interceptor is a high speed DropShip that was adapted by the Republic of the Sphere for their use by 3085. The Dragau II is based on the Word of Blake Drone design that was used against Allied Coalition during the final years of the Jihad. The ship is configured to use its high speed and forward angled weaponry to hit its opponents.[1]

Ship History[edit]

The Dragau II was originally produced by the CASPAR II Drone, using the Gazelle Class DropShip as a basis for the design. The ship took the form of a fighter like appearance, which its controllers took advantage of when it finally saw combat against Wolf's Dragoons' invasion of Mars in 3067. The original Dragau was used in coordinated attacks with other drones in swarm-like packs. During Operation SCOUR, the ship saw significant action fighting during the campaign against allied coalition forces. Notably during the Liberation of Terra in 3078, the ship was noted for one of its damaged units ramming and destroying a Zechetinu Class WarShip, FSS Excalibur.[3]

After the Jihad and the formation of the Republic of the Sphere, the need to build up the RAF required a patrol vessel. Like its larger companion vessel the Tiamat, the design was adapted for manned use. Due to the readiness of the New Earth shipyard, which was geared for the Drone's production, less work was required to get the craft into production. However, converting the Dragau for manned use was time consuming and called for a complete redesign of the craft as Dragau II. The Dragau II, like its drone predecessor, was designed to use its high-speed and maneuverability to handle enemy opponents. The ship is noted for its cramped crew quarters and its lack of durability for long deployments.[1]

Weapons And Equipment[edit]


The majority of the craft's weaponry are mounted in the forward arcs.[1]

Nose-Mounted Weapons[edit]

The craft's nose weaponry is its six Heavy PPCs and a pair of Heavy Gauss Rifles with 32 rounds of ammunition. The nose is protected by two Anti-Missile Systems with 48 rounds of ammunition. The Heavy PPCs are divided between two separate bays, allowing the Dragau to split fire to hit multiple fighters, or combine their fire against more resilient targets such as DropShips.[1]

Front Left/Right Wings[edit]

Each of the Dragau II's wing sections features the following weaponry; Two Artemis IV guided 15-tubed Long-Range Missile Launchers, two ER PPCs and two advance technology Large Variable Speed Pulse Lasers. Each of the LRM launchers is provided with 96 rounds of ammunition.[1]

Aft Left/Right Wings[edit]

Only pair of rear facing Large VSP Lasers are mounted in each wing section.[1]

Aft Weapons Bays[edit]

The aft facing weapons bays include a pair of Large VSP Lasers backed up by two Extended Range Medium Lasers. It also has four Anti-Missile System batteries for point defense.[1]


The Dragau II's hull is protected by 66.5 tons of Heavy Ferro-Aluminum Armor. The ship features a single cargo bay able carry up to 174 tons of supplies for the ship with a single cargo door to provide external access.[1]


  • Dragau Assault Interceptor Caspar II Drone 
    The original experimental drone version of the Dragau was a faster vessel. It featured the CASPAR II Advanced Smart Robotic Control System which provided for a descent robotic gunnery capacity was able move at maximum speed factor of 14 gravities. The ship had slight increase armor protection, while in weapons load out differs with swap in the number craft's AMS systems from manned version's rear to the front. BV(2.0)=14,358[4]
  • Dragau II 3097
    This Dragau version developed in 3097[5] reduced the size of the cargo bay to 149 tons to make room for a Naval C3 System. BV (2.0) = 14,573[6][5]


As of this writing, only the Drone and 3097 versions of the Dragau has a canon published record sheet.


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