Dragon's Fury

Dragons Fury logo.png
Dragon's Fury
Formed 3132
Disbanded 3143 (Destroyed)
Affiliation Draconis Combine
Parent Command DCMS


The Dragon's Fury was a militant group formed within the Republic of the Sphere who desired the return of all the former Draconis Combine worlds within the Republic to their ancestral ruler. They began operations in September 3132.[1]


The core of the Dragon's Fury originated in a cadet corps of the same name within the Northwind Military Academy student population; Katana Tormark had led the Dragon's Fury during her time at the Academy, already demonstrating a talent for leadership and military skills. After the bulk of the Inner Sphere HPG network failed on Gray Monday in 3132 Tormark reconstituted the Dragon's Fury as a paramilitary force loyal to herself.[2] After Katana's resignation from her post within the Republic she moved her base of operations to Proserpina. [3]

While the Combine initially kept the Dragon's Fury at arm's length, with Coordinator Vincent Kurita giving little public acknowledgement to their efforts, the Republic Armed Forces speculated that the Coordinator was waiting for Tormark to perform some great act to demonstrate her fealty to the Dragon before publicly accepting the Fury. Despite the lack of acknowledgement the Fury were very active in the first two years after Gray Monday, primarily concentrating on systems within Prefectures I, II and III of the Republic that had once been Combine worlds. Operating as a three-regiment brigade by the end of 3134, the Fury conquered a number of systems with relatively little bloodshed amongst the civilian population, although it was noted that the regiment known as The Brotherhood was displaying a greater degree of hostility towards Republic citizens of Combine descent - a trend that was also apparent, although less frequent, in the other elements of the Fury.[2]

After forming the core of the Fury from her former Academy cadets, Tormark was able to recruit the Amaterasu as a complete unit; ostensibly an elite independent unit within the RAF, the Amaterasu had been sidelined after the Capellan Crusades. Tormark had trained as a member of the Amaterasu in the 3120s, and after Gray Monday she actively exploited the resentment members of the Amaterasu felt over their command being kept on the sidelines as part of her efforts to recruit them to her banner. Once the Amaterasu defected to the Fury, Tormark restructured the unit, reorganizing it until it was composed solely of female personnel.[2]

The third element of the Fury actively recruited by Tormark, the contingent known as the Brotherhood, were the product of clever manipulation and negotiation on Katana's part, conducted across a dozen worlds. Appealing to adventurers, peasants and local militia forces through shared Kuritan heritage, Katana created fictitious unit histories to link individuals to glorious events from the history of the Combine and thereby persuaded the various disparate elements to work together for her against the Republic.[2]

The Dragon's Fury waged a bloody campaign to capture the former Combine worlds with the goal to rebuild the Dieron Military District. They would have succeeded had they not been opposed by the Northwind Highlanders[4] and III Principes Guards.[5] They are known to have hit New Rhodes III[6] and Murchison.[7] The Dragon's Fury later coordinated their assaults into the newly-reestablished Dieron Military District with the efforts of a Galaxy of troops from Clan Nova Cat.[8]

Tormark's father, Akira Tormark, had connections with the Combine intelligence service known as the Order of Five Pillars, and when he defected to the Republic he brought a cell of O5P operatives with him, disguised as servants and retainers. The Republic failed to spot this at the time, and after Gray Monday Katana used her father's operatives and their descendants to create a unit within the Fury named after the O5P. Used for scouting, reconnaissance and possibly active combat, the resulting battalion kept itself largely isolated from interactions with outsiders.[2]

Early in their history, Dragon's Fury came into conflict with DCMS commands. Several times DCMS units attacked them. These problems were eliminated only after Yori Kurita assumed command of a Dragon's Fury unit. The Dragon's Fury was eventually absorbed into the Draconis Combine during late 3135, their leader being made Warlord of Dieron by decree of Coordinator Vincent Kurita.[9] The close ties of the Dragon's Fury to Clan Nova Cat later caused problems when the Nova Cats rebelled against the Combine in 3141.[10]

Prior to their integration into the DCMS, Dragon's Fury attacked or raided numerous worlds, including: Addicks[11][12] (November 3132)[12], Mallory's World[11][12] (November 3132)[12], Dieron[11][12] (September 3132)[12], Vega[11][12] (March 3133)[12], and Ronel.[11] During the fighting on Dieron in 3132 the Dragon's Fury secretly received assistance from Luthien Armor Works in the form of their new harassment 'Mech, the Cricket. While the lance of prototype 'Mechs spent nearly as much time in repair as in the field, the Crickets would prove highly adept at disruption of the Republic forces and valuable test data was gained to ensure mass-production of the design. [13]

On October 22, 3133 they landed on Irian[14], facing off against elements of the Swordsworn faction. The Fury inflicted heavy losses on the Swordsworn and forced them to retreat.[15] The Fury had assaulted the IrTech facility on the world, but was driven off after inflicting heavy losses on the defenders. They later teamed up with the IrTech Security detachment to face the Steel Wolves. Two Steel Wolf attacks were defeated. The Fury then assaulted the Stormhammers after they landed on Irian. This assault was sufficient to force the 'Hammers to retreat without ever having seen the IrTech factory. Three days after that the Fury faced a combined Spirit Cats/Steel Wolf assault. Although the Fury fought the Clan forces to a standstill, it took the arrival of the Bounty Hunter to break the stalemate. After the Hunter defeated both Clan leaders, the Cats and Wolves left Irian. The Fury stood down to make repairs, leaving them vulnerable to an attack by Bannson's Raiders. The Raiders focused on inflicting damage on the IrTech factories, and though the Fury eventually stopped all the Raiders, the factories took heavy damage.[16]

By 3134 found the Fury still garrisoning Irian. Most of the Fury was used off-world at this time; the few remaining defenders from the Fury were integrated into a single cohesive command with the Irian Standing Guard and IrTech Security.[17]

The 29 July of the same year, a Fury's raiding force composed by a lone 'Mech and three MODs on Sadachbia was annihilated by a lone Highlander IIC piloted by a woman making herself called the Banshee. She led depart the 'Mech to deliver a message to Katana Tormark.[18]


In 3143, Katana and the Nova Cats supported Emi Kurita's side during the Kurita rebellion. Unfortunately for Katana and the Fury, this was the losing side of the war. Units allied with Yori Kurita destroyed the Nova Cats and focused their attention on the Dragon's Fury. The few survivors of the Fury surrendered to the victors while Katana was imprisoned on the Draconis Combine capital of Luthien. With the loss of Katana Tormark, the Dragon's Fury ceased to exist.[19]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Dragon's Fury
Katana Tormark [1]


Different per Unit.

Units of the Dragon's Fury[edit]

Color Scheme and Insignia[edit]

The Dragon's Fury paint their equipment in dark gray and red. Red increases as a show of the individual's seniority. Maintaining their Draconis heritage, the insignia resembles that of the House Kurita logo, however it shows the Kuritan Dragon encircling itself while eating its own tail. Three black diamonds and one white diamond are placed inside the center of a red circle. [20]


  • Special rules for the Dragon's Fury can be found in Era Digest: Dark Age (p. 37). The same special rules for the Brotherhood can be found in Turning Points: Irian (p. 10).


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