Dragon Rising

Dragon Rising.jpg
Dragon Rising
Product information
Type Novel
Author Ilsa J. Bick
Pages 320
Publication information
Publisher Roc Books
First published 6 February 2007
ISBN-10 045146141X
ISBN-13 978-0451461414
Era Dark Age era
Timeline 15 March 3136 – 15 May 3137
Series MechWarrior: Dark Age Novels
Preceded by Surrender Your Dreams
Followed by Masters of War

Dragon Rising, by Ilsa J. Bick, is the twenty-fourth novel in the MechWarrior: Dark Age series. It was first published in February 2007 by Roc Books and was later republished in March 2022 by Catalyst Game Labs as a BattleTech Legends title.

The novel covers the involvement of Katana Tormark and Yori Kurita in the machinations of House Kurita and Kanrei Matsuhari Toranaga.

From the back cover[edit]

When several planets are left to fend for themselves, becoming pawns in a deadly game of territorial sovereignty, Katana Tormark, a warlord of Dieron, must join forces with the Combine's coordinator to gain control of these worlds and reestablish the historic Dieron Military district.


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