Dragonfly (Aerospace Fighter class)

Dragonfly (ASF).jpg
Production information
Manufacturer Majesty Metals and Manufacturing
Production Year 2574[1]
Model MM-1
Class Light
Tech Base Inner Sphere
Technical specifications
Mass 40 tons
Structural Integrity 8
Frame Aeroframe A
Power Plant Magna 120
Fuel 4 tons
Communications System Magestrix Alpha
Tracking & Targeting System Magestrix Delta
Heat Sinks 18
BV (1.0) ???
BV (2.0) 1,112[1]


The MM-1 Dragonfly was developed shortly before the Reunification War as part of a crash armament program. Although it was slow, and ungainly in atmospheric flight, the MAF liked the fighter as a patrol craft and raider, fielding it by the hundreds. As the war went on, the more efficient designs fielded by the Star League states exploited the main weakness of the Dragonfly: the tendency for its heavy armament to overwhelm its heat-sinks. The only factory producing Dragonflies was a casualty of the Star League invasion of Canopus IV, and numbers of the design have dwindled ever since.[1]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The MM-1 was armed entirely with lasers; a Martell medium laser in the nose, while each wing held a Blazefire Systems large and two Martell medium lasers. This freed the Dragonfly from the need for ammunition, making it far more useful during the MAF's mobile defensive campaign.[1]


  • MM-2 Dragonfly 
    Fielded in 2583, the MM-2 used technology ‘obtained’ from the Terran Hegemony by Canopian intelligence officers. The nose-mounted medium laser was replaced with a third large laser, and fourteen double heat-sinks allowed freer use of the MM-2’s armament. The visual similarity between the two variants of Dragonfly often led to unpleasant surprises for Star League pilots as the war went on. Most MM-2s were stripped of their advanced technology during the Succession Wars, effectively turning them back into MM-1s.[1]


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