Dragonscales Cluster (Clan Nova Cat)

Dragonscales Cluster
Unit Profile (as of 3072)
Parent Formation Xi Provisional Galaxy


Stationed on Port Arthur as of 3067.


The unit partipated with rest of its parent Xi Galaxy in assaulting Luthien in July, 3072.[1] They fought a no-mercy battle against 42nd Shadow Division, to get revenge for the division's assault against the Clan Nova Cat's protected Irece Prefecture.

On Luthien near the planetary capital of Imperial City, the Dragonscales exterminated any WoB units they encounters. Galaxy Commander Jal Steiner attempted to lead his forces past WoB's battle lines to enter the city. Some forces succeeded in doing so, though not clear if Dragonscales managed get back.

After a new push from WoB forces, Galaxy Commander Steiner rallied his Clusters, including Dragonscales on nearby Waseda Hill. There the Blakist conducted surprise nuclear attack using missiles. Only Cluster worth of troops survived the assault, not being clear if any of members of the Dragonscales survived.[2]

During the Second Combine-Ghost Bear war, the Dragonscales Cluster was teamed with the 17th Benjamin Regulars in order to recapture Mualang from the Ghost Bears. Landing on August 1st, 3100, they took heavy losses from the Eighth Bear Cuirassiers and Rho Trinary Galaxy Command. On August 9 the Seventeenth was forced out of their positions, and the Dragonscales had to face the Eighth alone. The invasion turned into a rout, and by the time the DCMS withdrew, the Dragonscales Cluster was reduced to a single Star.[3]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Dragonscales Cluster
Star Colonel Adelia Kardaan 3067




3 Trinaries of Nova Cat Troops.



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