Drakøns crest
Formed 3034
Affiliation Free Rasalhague Republic
Parent Command KungsArmé

The Drakøns were a brigade of KungsArmé Heavy BattleMech regiments, and thus form the "trooper" units of the Rasalhague military.


Established in 3034, the Drakøns regiments were populated by some of the most experienced troops available to the KungsArmé. Given their experience and their unit weight, the Drakøns were assigned to protect the Republic's province capital worlds.[1] Following the Great Refusal, the Drakøns consistently lobbied for the opportunity to raid the Clan Occupation Zones. That opportunity came in 3065, when the KungsArmé took advantage of Clan Wolf being under pressure from both Clan Jade Falcon and Clan Ghost Bear, but the Third Drakøns - the only surviving unit of the brigade - went off-mission after deployment, rampaging across Wolf territory in an attempt to gain revenge on Star Colonel Marcos Radick and the Thirty-seventh Striker Cluster for war crimes committed during the invasion of Memmingen. This cost the Third their Commanding Officer on Thun.[2]

After the Republic and the Ghost Bear Dominion merged the KungsArme was reintegrated into the touman. This process was only partially complete in 3076 when the survivors of Clan Ice Hellion started raiding Republic worlds. Kavalleri, Freemen, and Drakon Clusters eventually drove the Hellions off of Holmsbu.[3]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Drakøns


In general the Drakøns used extensive combined arms tactics. This stems from their formation in the early 3030s when the FRR had more conventional forces than BattleMechs.[4]

Units of the Drakøns[edit]

Color Scheme and Insignia[edit]

The Drakøns, like all the KungsArmé regiments, haven't existed long enough to develop any particular color scheme. When deployed in the field they use whatever camouflage is appropriate. For formal occasions, they paint their machines light blue with gray and red highlights.[5]


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