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Dromini nearby systems
Dromini nearby systems
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System Information
X:Y Coordinates -20.939 : 66.122[e]
Spectral class K8IV[1]
Planets 11[1]

The Dromini system was home to at least one habitable world, Dromini VI, and as of 3145 was located in the Skandia Province of the Rasalhague Dominion.[2][3]

System Description[edit]

The Dromini system is located near the La Blon and Sabik systems[2][3] and consists of a class K8IV primary orbited by eleven planets.[1]

System History[edit]

The Dromini system was colonized at some point during the First Exodus from Terra and by the end of the Age of War had been incorporated into the Lyran Commonwealth.[4][5]

Political Affiliation[edit]

Dromini VI[edit]

Dromini VI
System position 6[1]
Jump point
2 days[1]
Moons None (ringed world)[1]
Surface gravity 0.74[1]
Atmospheric pressure Standard (Breathable)[1]
Equatorial temperature 45°C[1]
Surface water 64%[1]
Highest native life Fish[1]
Reference Year 3130[1]
Ruler Roland Focht, Governor (3130)[1][64]
Brian Wolfe, Legate (3130)[1][64]
Capital Franchelco[1]
Population 839,000,000 (3130)[1][64]

Dromini VI is the sixth planet in the Dromini system, and while it lacks a moon the planet is encircled by an impressive ring of dust and ice.[1] This asteroid ring is known as "Hell's Black Acre", and is implied to have inspired the name of the Hell's Black Aces aerospace-based mercenary unit.[65]

Planetary History[edit]

Succession Wars[edit]

Located on the border between the Draconis Combine and Lyran Commonwealth, Dromini VI was a frequent staging ground for raids into enemy territory during the Succession Wars. The world frequently changed hands, moving between Combine and Commonwealth several times during the Succession Wars. As a result the population became a mix of German/Scottish and Japanese. Though there were frequent clashes between hotheaded members of both cultures, most of the population embraced a "live and let live" attitude.[1]

Third Succession War[edit]

In September 3021, three regiments of the Wolf's Dragoons, Alpha, Delta and Epsilon, targeted the Franchelco Province of Dromini. Meanwhile, three regiments of the Lyran Commonwealth's Donegal Guards remained hiding in orbit to await any incoming Draconis Combine Reinforcements.

The initial stages of the invasion went well with the Alpha And Epsilon Regiments securing the landing zones with Delta Regiment in reserve. The Epsilon Regiment then moved toward the strategic city of Bali where they engaged and pushed back the 3rd Dieron Regulars. Meanwhile, Alpha Regiment was sparring with the 22nd Dieron Regulars. With everything proceeding smoothly, and Lyran intelligence stating they only expected the 3rd and 22nd Dieron Regulars to be defending Dromini, the commander of the Delta Regiment, Colonel Kathleen Dumont, took the initiative to seize the city of Draschau. However, she did not order that the city be scouted adequately. When the Dragoon forces reached the city, they discovered that the 2nd Sword of Light was also on world. They had set a trap for the Dragoons and the Delta had walked straight into entrenched infantry and vehicles in an urban environment.

Kathleen Dumont would order an assault on Draschau that would drive out the Kuritan defenders, but it would be a Pyrrhic victory. Jaime Wolf would personally reprimand Dumont's actions and warned that they should not be repeated or she would be demoted back to battalion commander. Meanwhile, the battle for Dromini raged on.[66]

Under constant pressure, the Combine forces were pushed back. Jaime Wolf and his command Lance would move to keep up with the Dragoons pursuit of the fleeing enemy and move to a small valley they thought was cleared of hostile forces. However, several Combine light Mechs plus a company of the Dromini Ducal Armored Hussars were sheltering in a ravine nearby. When the Combine forces saw Jaime Wolf's unit, they attacked. With the total number of the enemy unknown, Jaime Wolf ordered his Lance to scatter. Soon the rest of the Lance was cut off from Jaime during the ferocious fighting. Also, during the confusion, the 2nd Sword of Light had launched a counterattack. While Jaime Wolf had survived the initial attack from the forces in the ravine, his Archer was heavily damaged and overheating. As he turned to confront the incoming Sword of Light attack, his machine shut down and he was left helpless. However, instead of advancing and destroying him, the approaching Combine forces stopped. Then the external speaker of the lead Panther emitting the following message:

- "Warrior, I, Minobu Tetsuhara, Tai-i of Reconaissance Company Gold of the Second Sword of Light Regiment, samurai of House Kurita, and solider of the Draconis Combine, honor your prowess and your courage. We shall not kill you now. Return to your forces, if you can. Die in battle as a true warrior."

This brief event would have significant ramifications for the future.

Within hours, the 2nd Sword of Light's counterattack was faltering. By the next day, the Combine forces were in full retreat. When the expected Combine reinforcements arrived in system, the waiting Lyran units joined the battle and dealt them a heavy blow as they were offloading. The Dragoons were then able to withdraw from Dromini without further losses.[67]

Fourth Succession War[edit]

Following the successes achieved by the Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces during Operation GÖTTERDÄMMERUNG, the major Lyran offensive launched in late 3028,[68] a lull settled over the front while the LCAF consolidated its gains, rested and resupplied its troops and fought with counterattacking Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery units. General Jack Sphire, Margrave of the Ryde Theater of the Commonwealth, was responsible for devising a plan to break the deadlock on offensive operations against the combine in the Ryde area of operations. Ryde's plan, dubbed Operation HOLDUR, was designed to seize further systems by deploying all available troops, up to and including planetary militia forces. HOLDUR was risky, but Sphire hoped that by launching quick and forceful attacks using the BattleMech regiments available to him, the DCMS would be left with too little time to make further counterattacks. Archon Katrina Steiner approved the plan and mobilized additional 'Mech regiments to support HOLDUR, deploying regiments that had previously been held in reserve. When assigning these additional forces, the Archon dictated that these forces had to be used at the Terran end of the Ryde area, so that they could respond to any attacks originating from the Free Worlds League. This led Sphire to adjust his plan somewhat, but on the 1st of JUne 3029 Operation HOLDUR began, with the better part of a hundred assorted regiments deploying from the Federation of Skye to attack eight Combine systems.[34]

Dromini VI was one of the worlds targeted by Operation HOLDUR; the attack on Dromini VI was unusual, in that only conventional forces were deployed. Dromini VI was garrisoned by eleven assorted DCMS militia regiments, but at the time of the attack many of the defenders were helping to bring in the rice harvest; when ten assorted LCAF armor and infantry regiments landed alongside three militia infantry regiments from Kochab they were able to take advantage of the importance of the rice harvest, making their victory easier than originally anticipated.[34]

The Lyran hold on Dromini VI was soon tested; Tai-sa Theodore Kurita had been responsible in large part for the lack of progress Operation GÖTTERDÄMMERUNG had made in the Dieron Military District, and while Sphire was planning HOLDUR, Theodore had been planning his own counterattack. Dubbed Operation Contagion, Theodore's plan called for the capture of a lightly defended planet inside the Commonwealth's borders to use as a springboard for offensives against vulnerable worlds behind the front lines. Theodore selected Dromini VI as the ideal world, and with the support of the other senior officers in the region - aided by a proposal from Duke Aldo Lestrade to trade a few worlds in exchange for support from Theodore in declaring the Federation of Skye independent of the Commonwealth - and on the 5th of August ISF commandos dropped on Dromini VI. Within a week the ISF troopers had organized guerilla forces, overpowered the small Lyran garrison and begun impersonating them, using Commonwealth uniforms and codes to deceive Lyran ships in the system.[35]

Desperate to halt any Combine invasion, the LCAF sent the elite Frederick Steiner-led Tenth Lyran Guards and associated Loki support on a suicide mission, successfully inflicting heavy losses and crippling many of the Combine JumpShips, Frederick trading his life for those of his men. Following this with a more conventional invasion attempt by the heavily outnumbered First Royal Guards and the mercenary Barrett's Fusiliers, the threat of being trapped behind enemy lines finally convinced Theodore to pull his troops back.[36]

Dark Age[edit]

The generally peaceful coexistence managed by the local population on Dromini VI and a number of other worlds was the inspiration for the relocation directives imposed by Devlin Stone on the Republic of the Sphere during the Dark Age. By the mid-thirty-second century the inhabitants of Dromini VI were a heterogeneous mix of descendants from all of the Successor States bar the Capellan Confederation, as well as having some Clan heritage. The cosmopolitan lifestyle enjoyed by those living on the planet was a model for others throughout the Republic, as well as making Dromini VI an excellent venue for trade between the Republic and its neighbors. Whilst the planetary capital city, Franchelco, was the main trade hub on the planet, other major shipping ports and commercial centers could be found on every continent.[1]

Planetary Rulers[edit]


  • Planetary Governor Roland Focht[1]
  • Planetary Legate Brian Wolfe[1]

Military Deployment[edit]



  • Fifteenth Skye Rangers[70]


  • Fifteenth Skye Rangers[70]





Dromini VI has four continents named Apokayik, Epoure, Kodersia and Vijave.[1]

Planetary Locations[edit]

  • Bali: city and site of a battle during fighting in 3021
  • Draschau: a small settlement and site of a battle during fighting in 3021
  • Franchelco: the planetary capital city, located on Vijave.[1]
  • Franchelo Province:[74]


Some publications refer to Dromini IV. [75] This is likely a typographical error referring to Dromini VI.

Map Gallery[edit]

Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 64 systems (62 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Sabik 12.2 La Blon 12.8 Skondia 15.2 Atria 15.3
Alrakis 15.8 Kessel 19.2 Balkan 22.3 Ko 22.4
Lone Star 22.6 Nai-Stohl 23.3 Unukalhai 25.6 Alkalurops 25.7
Alphecca 26.2 Nusakan 26.7 Moore 26.7 Lyons 27.5
Komephoros 29.0 Konstance 30.3 Kaus Australis 31.8 Kaus Media 31.9
Ryde 35.4 Lambrecht 35.4 Zebebelgenubi 36.4 Kimball 36.7
Dyev 36.7 Marfik 37.2 Imbros 37.2 Eltanin 38.3
Skye 39.0 Rocky 41.6 Ascella 42.7 Chaville 42.9
Kuzuu 44.0 Vega 44.0 Kaus Borealis 44.3 Carnwath 45.2
Syrma 45.8 Galatea 45.9 Summer 46.5 Menkent 46.5
Yorii 46.8 Kochab 47.4 Zollikofen 47.5 Baxter 47.7
Asta 47.7 New Wessex 48.1 Pike 49.1 Izar 50.0
Muphrid 51.3 Athenry 52.1 Cebalrai 54.7 Gamma Sagittarius 55.3
Killbourn 55.3 Alya 56.3 Mizar 56.6 Glengarry 56.9
Haddings 57.1 Yed Posterior 57.9 Corridan 57.9 Thorin 58.2
Kervil 58.6 Kannon 59.0 Freedom 60.1 Altair 60.2


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