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DropShuttle Bay

Cruiser-Class Warship with a forward mounted DropShuttle Bay.


DropShuttle Bays were an early space-based docking apparatus used to allow large shuttles known as "DropShuttles" dock with JumpShips internally.


Invented approximately in 2110 by the Terran Alliance, the DropShuttle Bay was internal docking bay used for DropShuttles (forerunner of the DropShips) to JumpShips. When they were invented, the JumpShips had no way to convey large quantities of cargoes for colonists to a planet's surface. The DropShuttles were invented as well as the Bay to solve this problem. Bays were limited the size of the DropShuttle to 5,000 tons, only pair of them may be docked per bay. Another detractor in using these bays was that they were very time consuming to use.[1]

Space going ships that used these bays were Primitive Jumpships and early WarShips, such as early League-Class Large Destroyers and Defender-Class Battlecruisers.[2][3]

By the Twenty Fifth Century, Drop Collar and the K-F Boom would be invented, allowing for larger DropShuttles known as DropShips to dock externally to a JumpShip up to 100,000 tons. Thus due to economics, the bays would be dropped in favor of the more effective Drop Collar System with the K-F Boom.

DropShuttles Bays would be come extinct by 2500[1], while some examples of of them persisted till early Twenty-Eighth Century on ancient warships, such as Defender and the Cruiser.[4][5]

Game Rules[edit]

  • Launching & Docking 
    DropShuttle Bays follow same rules as DropShip docking procedure, except that the time taken by the

entire process—per DropShuttle is calculated differently. It takes 30 minutes, plus 1 minute per 200 tons of ship to launch a ship from a DropShuttle Bay.[1]

  • Number of DropShuttles Per Bay 
    Each Bays can dock 2 "DropShuttle/DropShips", each must be no more than 5,000 tons and total weight must not exceed 10,000 tons.[1]
  • Combat 
    Ships launching or docking from a DropShuttle Bay maybe attacked as individual target. While in process of departing or leaving a DropShuttle bay, vehicle cannot make attacks that would pass through the JumpShip.[1]
  • Ship Control Rolls for Units equipped with DropShuttle Bays 
    If Units equipped with a DropShuttle Bay need to make a Control Rolls while a DropShuttle is docked in them, must make a Control Rolls at +1.[1]

Construction Rules[edit]

  • Quantity and Facings 
    All DropShuttle Bays equipped units, may have one bay per arc. However, each bay must have it's own unique facing and to one per armor facing. There can only be maximum of one DropShuttle Bay per 100,000 tons of unit's total weight rounded up.[1]
  • DropShuttle Stats 
    Each DropShuttle Bay weighs 11,000 tons and counts as two Drop Collars against max number docking hard points for construction purposes.[1]


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