Duchy of Graham-Marik

Duchy of Graham-Marik
State Profile
Founding Year 2406[1]
Dissolution year: ca. 3082[2][3]
Controlled system(s): 3 (as of 3079)

The Duchy of Graham-Marik was a member state of the Free Worlds League from the early twenty-fifth century until the Free Worlds League's dissolution in 3079.


Ruled by the Graham-Mariks, a cadet line of House Marik, the Duchy was created from Marik Commonwealth worlds in the aftermath of the First Andurien War as a reward for the Graham-Marik's faithful service to their relations. Duchy representatives first appeared in the League Parliament in 2408.[1]

Throughout the League's tumultuous history the Duchy of Graham-Marik consistently supported the Captain-General. During the first Marik Civil War the Duchy backed Elise Marik, while in the second it provided critical aid to Captain-General Janos Marik against his rebel brother with the Duchy's JumpShip fleet.[1] [4]

After the Word of Blake Jihad left the Free Worlds League fragmented, the Duchy briefly functioned as an independent state. Its member-world Paradise was suspected by Regulan forces to be harboring the Master and was razed with nuclear weapons in February 3080.[5] [6]

The two remaining worlds of the Duchy - Escobas and Loyalty - joined the Marik-Stewart Commonwealth either in 3082 when that nation was formed or at some point after.[2] [3]


The Duchy's government was classed as a feudal autocracy with House Graham-Marik ruling the province with the general consent of its population.[7]


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