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Duchy of Orloff

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Duchy of Orloff
State Profile
Dissolution year: 2691[1][2]
Controlled system(s): 2[2]-6
Head of State Earl
Army Orloff Grenadiers[2]


The Duchy is a former part of the Duchy of Oriente. The Duchy is an oligarchy;[3] the ruling family provides many good leaders and exceptional commanders to the FWLM. Location of a famed academy. In many cases the Duke of Orloff has supported the policies of the Federal government against other provinces such as Regulus.[4]


The Duchy of Orloff was founded in 2691 when House Orloff cited the Camlann vs. Free Worlds precedent and broke the worlds of Kievanur and Semenyih off from the Federation of Oriente. The Duchy immediately authorized the formation of its own brigade of BattleMech-equipped forces, the Orloff Grenadiers, but continued to retain close ties with the Federation of Oriente and House Allison. Duke Orloff was the sole source of funding for the Grenadiers, a tradition that continue throughout the Star League era, ensuring that the Grenadiers continued to receive top of the line equipment, but House Orloff allowed the Grenadiers to be deployed within the Federation of Oriente, maintaining the close ties between the two nations.[2]



Duke Alfonso Orloff[4]

Historical: maps (Gallery)[edit]


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