Duchy of Orloff

Duchy of Orloff
State Profile
Founding Year 2691[1][2]
Dissolution year: c. 3083[3]
Controlled system(s): 2 (2765)[2]
6 (2822)[4]
5 (2864)[5]
3 (3025-3081)[6][7]
Head of State Earl
Army Orloff Grenadiers[2]

The Duchy of Orloff was a member-province of the Free Worlds League from 2691 until that nation's dissolution in 3079, after which it existed briefly as an independent state before merging with the Duchy of Oriente and the Protectorate to form the Oriente Protectorate.

The Duchy was an oligarchy, with the ruling family providing many good leaders and exceptional commanders to the FWLM. In many cases the Duke of Orloff was supportive of the policies of the Federal government against other provinces such as the Regulus.[8] [9]


The worlds that would become the Duchy of Orloff were part of the Federation of Oriente from the days of the League's founding, and its ruling family, House Orloff, were close allies of Oriente's Allison dynasty.[1]

Star League Era[edit]

The Duchy of Orloff was founded in 2691 when House Orloff cited the Camlann vs. Free Worlds precedent and broke the worlds of Kievanur and Semenyih off from the Federation of Oriente. The Duchy immediately authorized the formation of its own brigade of BattleMech-equipped forces, the Orloff Grenadiers, for which the Orloffs were the sole funder and guarantors that they would receive top of the line equipment. However the Duchy continued to retain close ties with Oriente and House Allison, allowing the Grenadiers to be deployed within the Federation of Oriente.[2]

Succession Wars[edit]

Captain-General Marie Marik antagonized the Duchy during the 2870s by including its forces in the defense of worlds recently conquered on the Lyran Commonwealth front. The eventual loss of these planets only exacerbated Orloff's animosity.[10] The Duchy later supported Admiral Lloyd Marik-Stanley's regency in 2883, perhaps in return for his policy of strengthening the League's military along the Capellan border.[11]

Orloff supported Elisabeth Marik's policy of raiding the Confederation, notably during the "Red Rover" deep raids against Capellans supply bases from 2901 to 2910.[12]

Orloff maintained its strong ties with Oriente in the final years of the Third Succession War, often introducing bills in Parliament in their larger neighbor's stead.The federal government could generally count upon the Duchy's support against the opposition in Parliament.[1] [13] The Duchy's loyal relationship with Captain-General Janos Marik led to its forces being sidelined on the Lyran front by Anton Marik prior to launching his coup. As a result Orloff forces spent much of the Marik Civil War engaging LCAF raiders, although Orloff Grenadier regiments were later able to join the Loyalist counteroffensives.[14] [15]

Mid-thirty-first Century[edit]

During the decade between 3057 and 3067 the Duchy was one of the Captain-General's most supportive provinces in Parliament[16] [17]

Post-Jihad and merger with Oriente[edit]

The Duchy managed to emerge from the Free Worlds League's collapse in better shape than most of its neighbors, and generally avoided conflict. Nonetheless, expansion by the Marik Commonwealth and Principality of Regulus led Orloff to strengthen its ties with Oriente, and between 3081 and 3085 the two states merged.[18] [19] [20] [3] By 3086 the addition of the former Protectorate province resulted in the creation of the Oriente Protectorate.[21]



Earl Vicente Orloff[22]


Duke Alfonso Orloff[8]

Historical: maps (Gallery)[edit]


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