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Dwillt Radick

Dwillt Radick
Character Profile
Affiliation Clan Wolf
Rank Star Colonel
Profession MechWarrior

Dwillt Radick was a warrior of Clan Wolf who rose through the ranks to become a Star Colonel during and after Operation REVIVAL.[1]


Described as extroverted and even flashy, Dwillt Radick was a talented MechWarrior and commander who delighted in taunting his enemies on the field of battle. Away from the fight he was described as a passionate speaker and a generous host, though he was also noted to be a dangerous enemy to those who could rouse his ire.[2]

Battle on Glory Plain[edit]

Early in his career, Star Captain Radick took part in the 16th Battle Cluster's raid against Clan Jade Falcon on the world of Glory, with the objective of seizing the genetic legacy of Star Colonel Kael Pershaw. Upon entering the system, Star Colonel Mikel Furey delivered the batchall, but allowed his Star Captains to bid for the right to carry out the attack. Star Captain Radick would win the bid, but failed to seize Pershaw's legacy, and was instead handed a humiliating defeat, engineered by an incognito Aidan Pryde who was masquerading as a freeborn warrior under Pershaw's command during that time.[3]

"Dignity! What a foul word! Pursue!"

--Star Captain Dwillt Radick to Star Commander Craig Ward in regard to Kael Pershaw's strategic retreat[4]

At the battle's end, Star Colonel Pershaw refused to accept Star Captain Radick as bondsman, sending the Wolf warrior back to his commander in further humiliation. Though he would attempt to shunt blame for the defeat onto his subordinate, Star Commander Craig Ward, any fault would still lie squarely on his shoulders as winner of the bid.[5]

Operation REVIVAL[edit]

Rising to the rank of Star Colonel by the time of the invasion of the Inner Sphere, Radick was chosen to command the 16th Battle Cluster after the elevation of Mikel Furey to Galaxy Commander of Gamma Galaxy.[2] They would see action on The Edge, Rodigo, Feltre, Mozirje, and Ferleiten, while taking part in larger attacks with Gamma Galaxy on Maestu and Skandia. Some reports show him as wounded on Tukayyid during the course of the Wolf victory over the Com Guards, but others claim the 16th was held back in reserve due to their sometimes risky tactics which have been known to lead to either spectacular success or abject failure.[1][6][7]


In the post-Tukayyid era, Star Colonel Radick continued to command the 16th Battle, encouraging the unit's individualism. Paint schemes, clothing attire, as well as tactics were all described as flamboyant by most Clan standards. However, his grudge against the pacifistic Warden Craig Ward - now a Star Captain - only grew with time. Throughout the invasion and after, Radick would consistently assign Star Captain Ward tasks deemed impossible, leading many observers to believe that he was attempting to kill his subordinate. He would later ban challenges of warriors in the 16th against Star Captain Ward, due to Ward killing several challengers.[1][2]

Other Appearances[edit]

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In the Computer Game, MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat, Dwillt Radick took part in the Refusal War in 3057. He would be in change of assisting a fleeing Wolf convoy from the world of Morges with the support of the Kell Hounds. He would pilot a Dire Wolf while under attack from a Jade Falcon star after being identified by their commander. Radick would later die at the controls of his mech, sacrificing himself to ensure that the rest of the Wolves escape.[8]

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Dwillt Radick piloted a Viper as of 3052[7] reportedly named Medusa[9]


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