Dying Dignity

Dying Dignity cover.jpg
Dying Dignity
Product information
Type Novella
Author Chris Hussey
Cover Artwork David Kerber
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
First published 4 June 2021
Era Succession War era
Timeline 4 April - 28 July 2853
Series Eridani Light Horse Chronicles
Preceded by No Tears
Followed by The Hand that Feeds

Dying Dignity is a novella by Chris Hussey, third entry in the Eridani Light Horse Chronicles.

When General Aleksandr Kerensky departed the Inner Sphere to embark on the Exodus, the Eridani decided to remain behind, their connection to their home even stronger than their loyalty to the General. They nurture the hope that one day the SLDF will return. To mark the occasion, the Eridani remove the Star League flag and lower their flag to half-staff. It will only be raised once again when the SLDF returns to the Inner Sphere. It is a tradition that has been maintained for generations.[1]

Teaser text[edit]

For a raid into the Lyran Commonwealth, the Eridani Light Horse teams up with the Black Warriors, a band of former Star League troops much like the Light Horse. But something about this mission does not add up…

Plot summary[edit]

The 4 April 2853, Eridani Light Horse Colonel Pro-Tem Idris Majed oversee the battlefield on Pencader; there, his unit, part of the 71st Light Horse Regiment, had successfully took the spaceport after crushing the Lyran defenders, as part of a raid of ELH and Black Warriors joint force sponsored by the Free Worlds League. Majed was contacted by the warriors' commander, colonel Angelica Cirion, which informed him than she was rooting defenders inside the city. Majed offered his people's help, but she refused it. Her words about the city itself being a target bothered Idris, but he didn't argued.

Outbond from Pencader, Cirion had a meeting with Majed, informing him about League's new orders: to raid another Lyran planet, Biloela, where she said the lyrans were massing forces. Idris distrusted her, but reluctantly agreed to participate. Once in Biloela, Majed fought a duel with a superior Lyran Pillager, but managed to defeat him. He was surprised about the light resistance they found, which contradicted Angelica's words. When she said to be rooting Lyran defenders inside the city, and refused again to accept help, Idris began suspecting, and when ordered a ELH's recon copter to scout the warriors area and somebody shoot it, though missing, his suspicions were proved right, as the chopper had seen Warriors looting banks. When Majed confronted Angelica about her acts, first she tried to deny them, but finally recognized than the Warriors were, in fact, pirates, and she pointed than the League knows it. She laugh off his Star League's ideals, and believed to have forced Idris to obey; she was wrong.

The 5 July, the Warriors and majed's ELH's forces were attacking another Lyran planet, but when the Warriors left the battlefield to launch a secondary mission, Idris had enough: he contacted the Lyran leader and explained him the truth. The general Brubaker accepted to leave the ELH's to depart and leave the Eridanis to deal with the Warriors. In a short but intense battle, the ELH's crushed the warriors, destroying their 'Mechs and crippling their DropShips. Idris personally defeated Cirion, and informed her about how they will leave the pirates stranded there, to be captured by the Lyrans, before departing.

Once again in Circinus, Majed feel guilty about his actions, and admited his fault to Colonel Bradley. His superior didn't want to punish him, and simply informed him than his report must be slightly revised. Bradley explained Idris than the ELH's ideals must be respected, but than to survive, they have to make careful compromises, a lesson than Majed learned.

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